Saturday, December 27, 2008

God Knows My Heart!

Posing with Donta and Lorenza the leading male actors of God Knows My Heart. Man, I feel so loved! :)
I must say that all my stage productions are special to me. But this latest stage production will forever hold a special place in my heart. I guess because of the behind the scenes, expected and unexpected happenings that took place. We had some at the eleventh hour issues to arrive, and yet with the grace of God and mountain moving faith, we were able to perform; what I deem as a stellar performance. Truly, I can not express how I am blessed to have such an awesome and powerfully gifted cast. My band leader the one and only Mr. Kevin Pridgen did a phenomenal job with my music and background singers.

The attendance that night was wonderful and the community support was both inspiring and endearing. We had enough food to donate to several families that were in need. When informed that the attendance that night was great. I was grateful and humbled, yet, when I witnessed the amount of food that was donated by people I have never met before, my heart strings was being pulled and the tears began to well up in my eyes. Wow, I thought people do care. It was wonderful and I am inspired to keep on performing and writing.

In a recent interview I was asked how “God Knows My Heart!” came about. It was taken from a chapter of the book of my life experience. I was recently released from the Hospital. I was in so much pain I could not even think clearly. It was a Wednesday night prayer and I was excited. I was going to go to kneel down at the alter and talk to God about all that was on my heart. My mother drove the thirty minutes distance to the church. Exiting the car I walked bent over into the church. I did not make it to the alter, stopping at the front row pew. I knelt down to pray… and was speechless.

I felt so lost and confused by this. I had stored all I was going to say to God once I got to church, and now that I was there my words would not flow. My heart was weighed down with words begging to be released, and yet my words, would not flow. But my tears however had now problem with the flow. I was afraid that they would never stop and I was tired of the crying. I was like this for several minutes.

Then I felt someone sit beside me on the front pew. It was my mother. She began to rub my back and she began to pray over me and for me. She became my mouth piece uttering the stilled words in my heart to God. I began to cry harder, my head bobbing up and down, as my mother voiced the words I wanted desperately to say but could not. God knew what was in heart and He answered and healed me. God Knows My Heart!


Friday, December 26, 2008

The Ditchdigger's Daughters

Hello Everyone,

I pray that your Christmas was merry as you created new and cherished memories with friends, family, and loved ones! That I am an old movies buff is no secret amongst my friends and family. Around Christmas time several of my favorite movies are aired. Last year was so busy for that I did not have the time to watch my classics as I wanted to. Not this year I pledged to myself…it was a pledge that I almost lost how ever. I wrote and directed my recent stage production: God Knows My Heart!

I am happy to say that is was a success! The community really showed their support as they came out bearing gifts of nonperishable food items, all of which were donated to families that were facing economic hardships. This experience was very humbling and I am thankful to God for being a part of it.

Listen, you guys as I was channel surfing and stumbled upon a movie that I had not seen in ages titled, “The Ditchdigger’s Daughter,” I love this movie! It is such an inspirational flick and I highly recommend it. This American Family who just happens to black shows that we do not have to allow our circumstances to detain us from reaching our goals. We do not have don the mentality of “less than” success. But a “better than” success! Yes, I wear the better than mentality better, and it looks good on you, too.

In "The Ditchdigger's Daughters,” Dr. Yvonne S. Thornton offers a loving portrait of her father, a ditchdigger in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey who dreamed that all six of his daughters would become doctors. With the help of his equally remarkable wife, the girls have all become successful, independent women--two are doctors, one became a dentist, one a lawyer, one a... nurse, and one a court stenographer.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

God Knows My Heart!

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
Habakkuk 2:2

I am gearing up for another stage production titled: “God Knows My Heart! December 20, 2008 is the slated date of performance. I am excited! Rehearsal are coming along... and are about to become rigorous and long, and I am about to morph into the director from hades! Muahhhhh, muahhhh..... kidding. lol
I do however tend to get a little heavy handed as scheduled performance dates approaches. My cast are familiar with this and respect this of me.I am often asked: what the recipe for a successful stage production? I have been writing, producing, and directing stage productions for some year’s now- so I think I have some authority on concerning them. Those who are close to me can attest that I am quite hesitant in calling my productions- plays. That sounds so…unreal and pretentious, and for me there is nothing unreal or pretentious about these divinely inspired dramas.

I write about true experiences that people has either experienced or experiencing i.e. That woman who is in an abusive relationship, wanting to get out but don’t know how to. Or that young man who boldly professes his love, only to be shunned away, because of past hurts. I found that people often seek answers any way that they can. With my dramas my aim is to always deliver a message of inspiration and encouragement to my viewers.

There is a recipe for success for me:

God- God is the leading force behind all my productions. I am under a divine authority and if I do not hear from Him I do not move. I pray for direction concerning publicity, venues, and performance dates. Through trial and error I have learned patience.
I have received a great deal of no’s in regards to sponsorships and attendances. I learned that God’s one yes-always out weighs those compiled no’s.

- Good dialogue is important! No matter how great your cast can act it does not mean anything if they do not have the words to say. The right words can bring a smile to hurting person face; can change a person negative decision to that of a positive one. I know this from the many emails I receive or from the many conversations held after the drama’s performances. The right words make a difference.

- A phenomenal cast is needed to make your written words come alive. I have been blessed to work with a multi dimensional cast. They are actors and actresses, set designers, make up and hair artists, wardrobe designers, and background singers, you name it, they are that. I see great things in stored for many of them. I dare even say maybe-Hollywood?

Faith- You were given a vision to carry out, now run with it. Let no one or anything keep you from bring your vision into fruition. Things will arise that will shake your faith but remain steady in your faith. Do not look at look at the negative but concentrate on the positive and believe me they are there. It may not be much but it is not so that your faith does not fail you. Continue to believe, remember certain ones do not give up they find the hidden door leading to success.
Happy Readings!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Ask!

Just ask! It was an honor for me to be able to ask some of my favorite authors some questions and to have them answer them was simply delicious.Often times we tend to allow the fear of the unknown to hinder us from reaching our goals, to that I say out with that old and in with the new. Walk by faith and not by sight. You never know unless you ask. Don’t just sit there…just ask! I am a huge advocate of Vanessa (love the name!) Davis Griggs if you have not read any of her books your missing out on a treat. Do not take just take my word for it read it for yourself!

Vanessa Davis Griggs is an author and motivational speaker who adores the power of words both written and spoken. At the end of 1996, this former BellSouth employee left 18 years of service stepping out on faith and decided to pursue her purpose and passion--writing. Proving out Proverbs 18:16, A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men, she began her own company (Free To Soar) emphasizing the taking off of limits as she travels around the country inspiring others--young and old--to take flight and do the same.

Richardson: Do you remember the first thing you've ever written?
Griggs: I won't say I remember the first thing I've ever written, but I do recall decades ago writing a short story that I think about. It had to do with a character that was prejudice, died and went to heaven only to learn there really is no segration in heaven. He's sent to a holding place thinking they were working on separate but equal places in heaven and ends up in a place very much like hell. He learns he has to go back to earth if he's changed his mind about waiting on that segregation in heaven. Back on earth, he soon learns he's no longer in a white body, but a black one. He learns a valuable lesson about walking in someone else's shoes and why we should treat others the way we'd like to be treated.
Richardson: How do/did you deal with rejection?Griggs: No one likes rejection. That's why you have to play mind games with the word and look at it as getting closer to your desire. Example: "Each rejection is putting me one closer to a yes." I think it's good to realize that people who reject your work aren't always right. They miss it. But one must not be fooled into thinking your work is perfect. Should you receive a rejection and it comes with some sort of feedback, examine the feedback to see if there's merit and something that can be used to make you better. But you have to believe in what you're doing.

Richardson: Why do you write Christian Fiction?

Griggs: Christian is who I am. I just write and people label it Christian fiction. Sure, I could write other things, but this is what comes out of me naturally. I love feeling like I'm being authentic and being a blessing to others with what I do at the same time. Fiction is good because you have a little more liberty with characters and you can tell things about their lives that you might not want to tell when it's real people.

Richardson: What does success mean to you?

Griggs: Good question. Success is when I know I've been true to what I'm here to do. It's not the money although that's great when it comes. It's not the awards because you may never get one. It's feeling that if this were the end of the road for you, you can close your eyes with no regrets.

Richardson: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Griggs: Don't try to be or write like someone else. Trust that what you have is what you are here to give. Yes, you need to strive for excellence. Yes, you should learn your craft. Yes, you should continue to get better with each round. But don't imitate, initiate. Be you, write with your voice. If no one is doing it that way doesn’t let that deter you. Maybe you're the one who is supposed to start it so others can follow. And above all, know this is what you truly want to do and don't just do it because you hear others are making tons of money. Do what you love and the money will follow.

Vanessa Davis Griggs

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Catamenial pneumothorax

Catamenial Pnuemothorax Images - What does it look like?
The photograph below were taken during a patient thoracic surgeries. Treatment of catamenial pneumothorax often involves diaphragm repair to close up the holes, technically known as fenestrations. Fenestrations are sometimes referred to in literature as resembling "blue berry spots". Lori's pictures demonstrate that blue berry effect. Fenestrations are generally found on the central tendon region of the diaphragm as shown in the illustration.
Futher information can be acquired at
My Story goes as....
The year: 1999
Age: 24
Am I forsaken?

“Ms. Richardson?”

My name being hailed pulled me from my quiet appraisal of the handsome soap opera star I was watching on the small television in the waiting room.

Standing I approached the X-ray technician and my heart plummeted. In his eyes was that of concern. I recognized the “look” as I often time gave them, when offering comfort to someone in pain.

“Hi. Ms. Richardson?” The technician queried.

I offered a weak nod. I was tired and just wanted to sleep for years. The technician concerned eyes hastily scanning my face should have been an indicator that something was amiss.

“Have you been in a car accident recently?” he softly questioned.

I was shocked by the question. “No. I have not.” I breathlessly replied. Not impart to fear, however. It was a strange occurrence; as of late, I had been experiencing chest pains and could hardly breathe. Talking had become a chore for me and I was exhausted all the time. All these symptoms prompted my emergency room interview with the hospital technician.

“Ms. Richardson you have a collapsed lung.”

Reeling from the announcement, I slumped against the wall in disbelief. I was certain I had misheard him.

“Your right lung is down 100% and it is covering your heart. You must be admitted.”

A bevy of nurses ushered me to a bed. I was given a hospital gown. I was given an IV and was placed on oxygen. All the while, I was in a state of shock and disbelief. I had never been hospitalized in my life. I had a collapsed lung! I was overwhelmed with myriad of questions. How did this happen? Am I going to die? What was the procedure to curing a collapse lung?

I was not in an accident. I do not spoke and I was not heavy into sports. These were all the entities associated with a collapse lung. I was diagnosed with a Spontaneous Pnuemothorax. This is when the lung collapses with no apparent reason. The treatment was a chest tube insertion. My hospital stay was seven days. I would like to say this is where my story ends. However, it was only the beginning. From 1999 to 2005, I’ve had a total of ten chest tubes and a major lung surgery.

My diagnoses changed spontaneous pnuemothorax to that of catamenial pneumothorax. This condition is difficult to diagnose as it is so rare here in America. What is catamenial pneumothorax? This is when a woman has her menstrual cycle and her lung collapses with in 42-72 hours. About 2%-5% of women suffer from this health issue. Here is when I had to step out on faith. My last recourse was that of a hysterectomy. I was single and had never had children. I felt alone and forsaken. Is it true that good guys finish last? I have no choice in the matter. Should I give up in the face of this great travesty?

The Year 2008
Age: 34
The Certain Ones: You’re not forsaken. You’re Chosen for Purpose.

At an early age I had made a vow to God to refrain from premarital sex until marriage. I journaled from age 16 until present day. I wrote of how I wanted to one day get married and have kids. So this setback threw me for a loop. Yes, I wanted to have children but I also wanted to be healthy. I was tired of the pain. It seemed I slept and awoke with pain. What was I to do?

Here is my testimony. I did have the hysterectomy. I suffered a loss and dealt with it. The road was not easy for me as I dealt with the issue of infertility. I realized I had a purpose. God’s purpose for me: To encourage women who are experiencing sicknesses and/or infertility. I was tried and emerged dignified. My lesson learned: Happiness is a choice that we make. I decided that I wanted to be happy; so I pursued it. My journey has not been an easy one but I made it. I have written a non-fiction book titled The Certain Ones. The certain ones will find the hidden doors leading to happiness and success. Although I may not be able to physically conceive a child it does not mean I can never be a mother. There are other options. God plans for me were different, yet wonderfully perfect. God knows my name and He knows yours, too!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Look Again.

Hurt and rejections can cause a person to think and see situations differently. This is certainly understandable. It becomes an issue when the rejections and hurt handicap you from believing in your goals and aspiration. It takes a certain kind of faith to rise above hurtful situations. In my book The Certain Ones I state that the certain ones will find the hidden path (when it looks like there are no answers) leading to success and happiness.
It is well know amongst my family that I absolutely love brain teasers and optical illusions images.

Take a look at the picture above. At a glance we see a couple embracing each other. The earth’s elements are at peace with each other. The couple is in a delicate situation as they have a want...or need depending on how you see it. They are longing for a child together. We do not exactly know of the couple’s situation. Maybe she has suffered several miscarriages and is afraid to try again, or maybe due to health reason she can not physically have a baby. Do they give up? No of course not. There will come a time in our lives that we will face difficult times. Do not focus on the bad yet try to see the good. Although this is difficult it is possible to do.

Let us look again at the situation. Look closer. Closer, closer....can you see the baby hidden in the background? There hidden in the branches and the tree’s is what they are longing for. A baby. Could it be that the couple is there because they've just received news that they are going to parents for the first time? Or perhaps they have just received news that the adoption process is final and they can finally take their child home tomorrow. You, see not every dark cloud means that it is going to rain…it just looks like it. You can be happy it is your choice and I do pray that you choose wisely. Life is a wonderful gift from God...enjoy it. Go ahead and look again.

Happy readings,

Friday, August 29, 2008

Greater is He that is in me

What a phenomenon to behold! The story goes as told: It was a day of the unexpected and the unforgettable, as my friend and I were traveling our destined paths, simply enjoying and appreciating life.

We both were attentive to God’s beautiful display of earthly creations. The cardinal the North Carolina state bird was flying freely about. The butterflies were dancing merrily about, too. Gusts of winds softening the Sun’s stifling heat. Patsy and I were laughing and enjoying ourselves. When suddenly the unexpected happened.

The Sun’s bright face was eerily darkened overshadowing the moment of tranquility. The earth was cast into a moment of darkness. My friend was paralyzed by fear. “What happened to the light,” she whispered repeatedly. This time on this darken path I was confident. You see I had been here before. I was confident that God would see me through. My heart is hidden in Christ and I trusted Him to see me through the day and night times.

I wanted to help my friend. She would have to win this battle alone. I stood there watching, praying, and waiting. “What happened to the light? We were so happy one minute. This is not supposed to happen!” Her cry was one of hurt and confusion.Though watching her brave her test proved difficult, I remained focus, supporting Patsy from a distance. I knew we had a watcher and protector. God would not let us down in our darkest hour. Her silence frightened me at first; as I thought she had given up in her darkest hour. You see the dark times have a way of bringing out the true character of a person.

I could hear soft words coming from my friend, they were weak at first but gradually her voice began to strengthen… rising with such clarity and great conviction. I then recognized the powerful passage of 1 John 4:4 she quoted. “Greater is He in me than he that is in the world.” This became her mantra. She stood upright denying fear. I watched with great joy- as fear forsook its claim upon her! It was then the Sun burst forth showering its illuminating rays upon the earth once again. It was blindingly beautiful. It just a matter of moments. Yet felt like an eternity. Hurt can make it seem like such. Patsy smiled and I smiled too; realizing once again, that we made it through the night. You see trusting God is always right.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One in a Million: Barack & Michelle Obama

Ok it is no secret that I am a huge fan of Michelle Obama. This post comes on the heels of her speech last night at the democratic convention. I had made plans to watch Michelle’s speech after I watched her interview with Roland Martin on TV1. I enjoyed watching Roland interview with Michelle I found it to be a cozy, informative, and yes, dare I say it again? Inspiring interview. Michelle and Barack have a deep and abiding love for each other. I think now a days it is a rare find to find that unique love that romance novel speaks of. But I digress.

Michelle's Democratic convention speech went a little deeper; quite naturally considering her target audience consisted of the welcome and the unwelcome. My mother and I watched transfixed as Michelle’s brother Craig Robinson (wonder if he is married? If anyone has the answer to this please let me know :) ) introduced his little sister and after embracing each other warmly in support, Michelle then proceeded to the podium. She looked beautiful standing there. My mind briefly began to wander (as it often does) upon how the Obama's have become visionaries not only to African Americans but to every race. They are testimonies that with hard work, perserverance, and God all things are possible.

Michelle smiles and waves at the audience of thousands and is humbled by the crowds extended show appreciation towards her. She begins with the tribute of her father and mother going on to talk about family. Acknowledging wall being knocked down from such as Senator Hilary Clinton, she acknowledge those who fights for change such a Senator Biden. She talks of our soldiers and their families. We are the thread to change, she said and I believed. I do not believe that there were a dry eye in the building.

Michelle was beautifully dressed her cinnamon skin is glowing and her hair is vibrantly alive. She speaks- and everyone is listening and hearing. She reminds me of a poet, as she spoke true words from the heart. I was identifying with Michelle Robinson wife of Barack Obama. Yes, she has her own identity and is a force to be reckoned with. She is real and caring. Her giving up a high power job as an lawyer to go into the field of public service is indicative of the true woman that she is.

The Obama's connecting together in marriage made a powerful impact, not only on them, but also to that of the world. Again, I openly confess that Michelle is the one who has endeared Barack to me. At exodus of her speech, the crowds stood out of respect for her, as her two daughters Sasha and Malia came on to the stage both were just so adorable.
Malia the oldest is going to a dynamo when she get older, it looked almost as if she was leading her mother around on the stage. She was so poised and unafraid as she looked directly into the crowd of thousands. assured there are going to be some who felt Michelle did not do any thing and that she did what a wife should have done and touting on her husband. Hey, we can agree to disagree agreeably. I believe her speech will become a timeless piece. Blessings to the Obama family.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

I never would have made it

I have heard that song by Marvin Sapp on several occasions; yet I never really paid much, attention to the popular song. However due to the continuous air play of the song, I could not escape from hearing it, be it at church, on the gospel station that I faithfully tune into, or from that of my little nieces singing it with such ebullience, that I am compelled to join in with them.

It was as if God intended for me to not only hear the words but to actually listen to them.
One day while driving in my car; the sun was shining brilliantly. The birds were chirping happily. The soft billowy clouds were begging to be touched. Stopping at a red light; that fateful song “I Never Would Have Made It” began to play. I was capture by the soft melodic voice of Marvin Sapp. But it was the words that spoke to my heart. This time I listened with an open heart.

A feeling of wonderment and joy began to course through me! This man was singing my testimony. Leaning forward I began to remember. I remembered several years of being in the Hospital due to sickness and how I would pray to God for strength just to endure the pain. There is not doubt in my mind that, I never would have made it. I too remembered suffering from depression, reflecting on hard it was to just wake up in the morning to get dressed. Mundane tasks were daunting for me. I never would have made it with out God.

There is a verse in the song that says “Made it. Is there anybody in this house other than me that can declare that you made it? Tell your neighbor” There was a point in my life, I could not tell my neighbor or family for that matter that I made it, as the situation dictated to me other wise. But I did make it. With persistent prayer and a high dosage of faith that I too could be healed, I too can declare as the song does...that I made it.

I made it through; the hurtles of sickness, survived the darts of depression, and defied the labels of rejections. I made it and you can too! The bible proclaims: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” Philippians 4:13. The “lyrics goes on to say. I am stronger I am stronger; I am wiser, I am better, Much better. This song is my testimony.
picture courtesy of WAK

Friday, August 1, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Hi everyone,

I can not believe how fast this year is going out! One minute it is January and the next its August. Man, time flies when your having fun :) Time to start making the old Christmas list. Ok...I must confess that I am a last minute shopper. I know...that is not a good thing.

But I like the adrenaline rush I get, as I scurry to my destined shopping places. Any whoo, although, I like my adrenaline rush, I have decided to start my Christmas shopping early this year. Can I do it? hum, I honestly do not know :) But, I am sure going to try. I have been busy working on my next book tentatively titled "Love Found Me" this is Christian Fiction. I am sure your going to enjoy it :) Until then here is a short inspirational I hope you enjoy!

A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man has to seek Him first to find her." ~ Maya Angelou

It was dark and I found myself walking a path that was unfamiliar to me. The unpaved path was rocky and steep causing me to stumble and fall several times. Although, scarred and bruised, I continued my lone walk. I had no choice in the matter, really. Walking the unfamiliar path, I desperately tried to 'see' but visibility was next to none. I had never experienced such darkness as I had that fateful day. It was an strange occurrence for me, as I had suddenly became aware that darkness had a way of enhancing unseen sounds. I could not see... but I could definitely hear. Trust, I did not like what I was hearing.

The sightless sounds was causing me to lose my sense of focus. My heart accelerated due to fear of the unknown. My steps were becoming shaky, and again I stumbled and fell. This time with each stumble and fall, I purposed in my heart to emerge, as the victor God purposed me to be. My destiny called for me to complete my sojourn. No longer resisting, I submissively answered destiny's call. You see, some people have to dig deeper than others and stretch wider than others. Brushing the dust off me, determinedly I sojourned onwards, I offered up a prayer of strength to God.

Oh, how I prayed for the illuminating presence of the Sun. If I had just a sliver of light, I thought everything would be all right. Why was I alone in the dark with just my turbulent thoughts for company? I openly confess that it seemed as though I was going to lose it. I thought I was not going to make it. I thought I was forsaken. Wrong script, it was time for a rewrite. God is all knowing and He knows this woman’s heart. He knows my thoughts and desires and my hurts and my pain. I will hide myself in Him and not from Him.

There on my dark path; God became my hiding place, sheltering me from the storms of hurt and rejections. When the waves of life grew ten feet high, He covered me. When I felt lost and insecure, He would lead me. I burrowed myself so deep within Christ, no one recognized me; many looked for me and saw God first. The move although unexpected was the right thing to do as it caused viewers to become awe inspired. My walk was not an easy one. Yet, had I not walked my path there be no testimony for me to share. I walked through the dark narrow path many has failed. I did not look left or right, although the pull to do so was strong. I clung to Christ tightly. He had my heart, and I lovingly trusted Him to lead me past the noise of sickness, confusion, and doubt. It is again, He had not failed me and He will not fail you!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

God knows my name and He knows yours, too.

Suddenly, she was hit hard. The unexpected impact sent her sprawling to her knees. She could hear the sound of the rain pelting against her large bedroom window. It was all a strange phenomenon, to her. Dark billowy clouds had gathered hovering and intimidating. It was a remarkable sight. The howling winds were a frightening thing to hear. The ominous sound causing chills to dance over the lone woman’s slight frame.The forcefulness of the blow was numbing. There on her knees she was stunned with disbelief.

She watched the hands of time move. The clock on the mantle revealed that only minutes had passed. To her the moments seemed an eternity; hurt can make time feel that way. Hurt painful claws were fiercely embedded in her, refusing her release. The pain was enough to cause a normal person to lose their sanity. A glance around the room revealed nothing had changes. Her bed was still nicely made up, her mass of pillows was still in order.

Her Bible was on the right side of her nightstand. Her slippers were by her armoire. Nothing had changed. Yet, for her everything had changed in a moment’s time. She could not breathe. She felt as though she were in a movie; cast in the wrong role. Enough! Deciding that she would no longer play role of the helpless victim, she raised her chin. It was time for a change, yet she needed answers. What was the right answer? What do I do? How could this happen? Her kneeled position would be the beginning of her transition.

For it was there on her knees, she began to pray. Normally words would fail her, (hurt can do that to a person) today was different. She encompassed with words begging for release and she obliged them with out restriction. With the winds howling ferociously and the rain continuing to fall, still on her knees, her words flowed, as did her tears. It was ugly but necessary. Yes, she was in the right position, there on her knees.

However, the unction to get lower was strong. You see, some people have to dig a little deeper, stretch a little wider than others do.Stretching out on her stomach, the words continued to flow. Suddenly, startled, she looked around the room in question; for a brief moment, she thought she heard the faint call of her name. There in her humbled prayer position, she made a self-conscious decision (and it was a decision) to be free. Praying not out of defeat but belief, she fought past the pain and called God’s name.

Time lapsed, how much she may never know, but what she did know is this--prayer works.She prayed in the storm and God guided her through it. She prayed the necessary prayer of the ugly and God made her feel like new. This was the process: I prayed, believed, and received. Renewed, she got up. Smiling, she dried her eyes assured that everything was going to be all right. As if consenting, in agreement, the rain had suddenly stopped and the wind had calmed. What a phenomenal display of authority! At this, she was reassured; that she is never forgotten nor forsaken, God knows her name and he knows yours, too!

Picture by WAK

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Inspirational: Running

It was a winter wonderland. The tree limbs hung limp burden from the fallen snow. The moon was full, illuminating the night with its revealing presence. Confused, she continued her lone walk. She was hurting, not a physical hurt, she thought; that would have been easier to deal with. This was an emotional hurt. The wind pulled mercilessly at her trench coat; the woman ignored its pull. Not even the rapid falling of snow could stop her painful sojourn.
She was numb, not from the cold, but from her situation. She was walking with out seeing, her demeanor completely at odd with mother nature’s divine work.
The passerbyers were hastening to their planned destinations. They were wisely aware, that they were no match for Mother Nature's awesome display of authority. In passing, they cast curious glances her way, wondering what was causing her to act out of the norm. The echoing words in her head became her antagonist. The hurtful words reverberated, causing her to pick up speed. Not fast enough. She had to get away from the problem. Why her? Why? Still not fast enough, she ran faster. She knew not where so was going, pure instincts were driving her.
Everything was a blur to her. She was not aware, when the snow ceased its descent. The wind was tugging at her long braided locks; angrily she shoved them aside. The winds force was trying to slow her process, but she was persistent. Her black scarf went sailing to the ground. She did not stop. A woman sipping a cup of coffee in a cafe’ glanced up in shock at the speeding woman. She noticed the beautiful scarf’s descent. Going outside, she retrieved the fallen garment from the pavement. Standing, she looked at the scarf. It was beautiful. It was embroidered with bold red letters that read TBJ. Looking in the direction, she had last seen the running woman, she sighed. She recognized the running woman. She never met her personally. She used to be her, running. Sighing again, she stood. Running from the situation would solve nothing. There comes a time, when you have to simply deal with it. Bowing her head, the woman offered up, small prayer for the fleeing woman.
Faster, faster, faster. The words became her litany. The wind continued to whip at her, as if rebuking her, for defying its authority. Her hat came off. She did not attempt to capture it. It was a stark contrast against the fallen snow. A homeless man noticed the fallen garment, staggered awkwardly to his feet. Placing the hat on his head, he smiled. His head and ears were now warm. He looked in the direction of the running woman, scratching his head; he wondered what could make her abandon such a precious gift. Shrugging his shoulders, he figured, one-man trash is another man’s gain. Whistling, he staggered back to his make shift pallet.
Her chest was beginning to hurt; she began laboring for breath. Her body fought against the strenuous demand, she was placing on it. All this, and the echoes would not stop. She wanted them to stop! The taunting words pursued her. Suddenly there was a shifting in the atmosphere. If possible, the skies darken. Dark clouds loomed up ahead. Lightning pierced the midnight sky, the booming sound of thunder sent shivers down her spine. The woman stopped. Up ahead was a sophisticated couple, of African American descent. The man leaned in close, in a valiant attempt, to protect the woman from the cold. Their steps hurried, as they sought refuge from the coming storm. The woman looking trustingly in into her companions eyes. She smiled; assured he would get them both to safety. Not far ahead, the couple entered a brownstone terrace apartment, safely beating out the storm.
The heavens opened up then and the rain began to fall. She stood there, trembling, watching the rain melt the ice from the tree limbs. She was tired of the running. The piercing cold was beginning to penetrate. She gasped, realizing she lost her protectants--her hat and scarf. How did this happen? Her hat was a cherished gift from her father. The scarf was lovingly hand woven by her mother; scribed with her initials. Gone. She lost her precious gifts while running. There she stood in the pouring raining, watching the water carry the debris down the gutter. At her precious loss she realized, she should have simply dealt with her issues.

*picture courtesy of WAK*

Friday, June 20, 2008

Who Will?

Hi Guys--

It is Friday! (Hey, hey..... Doing a weird type of jig) I made it through another second, minute, hour, day,....I think your getting my meaning. The weekend is at hand and I got plans.... to simply chillax. Hopefully, I will be able to catch up on some reading, as my TBR ( to be read) pile has grown. Man, am I grateful. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and not to obsess over the things, that I have can not change.

As, a newly published author,I am learning so much about myself. Writing is a skill and art. It is the business side of writing that is difficult. I am challenged consistently. However, it is these challenges that aspire me to sharpen my saw or my vision. Friends, if you do not believe in you, who will? Having braved this week...and what a chaotic week it was. I am left feeling....hum, grateful. It is a humbling feeling.

I am grateful to God for seeing my through the chaotic week. I am grateful to my family and friends like you! With all this love and gratefulness-- why should I sweat the small stuff?
I am focused. So, my friends, continue to be encouraged... as greater days are ahead of us!



Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Healing Process

Hi Everyone,

I want to share with you a wonderful find. I have been studying the healing process for some time now. Upon studying, I came across a wonderful site that has been a tremendous help to me. Those who are close to me, knows that for years, I suffered from several health issues. I ate, slept, prayed, and believed in the power of healing. I decided to study up on the healing process. Healing is just that...a process. It was then I discovered, Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson( has a medical degree and 26 years experience as a nutrition consultant and have authored five books. Dr. Wilson's article, on the healing process, was very enlightening, I gained a wealth of information and applied that information to my life.

Doctor Wilson: Healing is different from, and so much more than eliminating or suppressing symptoms. This is confusing because symptom removal can look like healing, while healing may not produce symptom removal for months or even years. A healed body does not have cancer. However, just getting rid of a cancer, whether by surgery or by natural methods, is not healing. It is symptom removal. Nor is 'healing a broken leg' the kind of healing I am referring to. That, too, is usually just symptom removal.” In fact, healing is a path that can be embraced. It is a process foreign to our medical system and to our culture. It is essentially a reversal of the process involved in becoming ill, and at the same time an awakening to one's true nature and the meaning of life.


Dr. Wilson's words rang true with me. After my treatment (chest tube insertion) and I was released from the hospital to go home, I was not healed, although the healing process had begun. Truth be told, I was scarred and hurting both physically and emotionally. Healing is a process which requires much pro activity. What ever, I could do, to help aid in my healing process, I did. By that I mean eating right, exercising, and eliminating (as much as possible) stressful elements from my life. Too, I had to see and believe, that I was going to be healed, in spite of my repetitive hospitalizations.

Dr. Wilson:Certain axioms or themes are involved in the healing process:
* We are each powerful, mysterious, complex, multidimensional beings, no matter how frail and dysfunctional the body may be.
* There is an oneness of body, mind and spirit. There is also an oneness or collective consciousness shared by all beings.
* Events originate from within. We create our lives. This power is never taken away, though it may be given away temporarily.
* Healing has to do with taking full and complete responsibility for all of one's creations.
* Techniques, methods, and therapies may facilitate healing. However, ultimately, life heals or love heals, not a pill or operation.
* Healers, doctors, and therapists are facilitators only.
* Desire, allowing and surrender play critical roles in healing.
* Forgiveness of self and others are important aspects of the healing process.
* Discipline, derived from same root as 'disciple', is an important aspect of healing.


Good stuff, Dr. Wilson. Friends, you do not always have to see it to receive it. You know, what your it is. Just believe it. For those who are interested in the healing process by Dr. Wilson, I have included, a link to his article from his website, there you can also learn about his books and Cd's.

Happy readings,

Monday, June 16, 2008

Friends and Lovers

The Song by Aretha Franklin Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves. Comes to mind when I think about Michelle Obama. This Princeton and Harvard grad, both fascinates and inspires me. She is beautiful not just aesthetically, but skin deep. Michelle is a wife, mother, and a working woman. Wheew! Those are some pretty heavy balls to juggle. Yet, she makes it all appear effortless and, we women all know, that those functions are in no ways easy to do. I heard confess in an interview about the help she receives from her mother in helping with her daughters. Thank God for Mothers.
I gotta confess that, I was so enthused, when Michelle initiated the dap/ pound ( or bump as mainstream America hails it) to her husband, Barack before he addressed, the crowd in Minnesota. Then, giving the thumbs up in her exit. That move endeared the Obama's to me forever. For me it showcased their bond not only as husband and wife but that of friends as well. I openly confessed that Michelle has played a key factor in my consideration for Barack. They are a couple on the rise and I don't mean for the white house, but as an example that true love does exist, especially in the African American community. I pray the best for them. Together, they are history in the making and I am glad to be a witness to it.
If you would like further info on Michelle or that of Barak visit
Here is a brief summary of what I have learned about Michelle from there: Michelle was born on January 17, 1964, to Marian and Fraser Robinson on Chicago's South Side and graduated from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago's West Loop. After high school Michelle went on to Princeton University where in 1985 she graduated with a B.A. in sociology and a minor in African American studies. After college, Michelle continued her education at Harvard Law School, where she earned her degree in 1988.
Happy readings,

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Time With God

What a wonderful birthday gift, I received from my cousin, Linda. This book is now dog-eared. I try to take it everywhere that I go. Did I mentioned that this book is now dog-eared from my constant readings and from its many journeys with me?

My Devotional Time With God. I don't exactly have a routine, when it comes to my devotional time with God. I tried, honestly I did...but I just can not stick to the regime. I go through phases. I have my morning phase. I have my evening phase and I have my late at night phase. I am currently in my evening phase.

This book "My Time with God" is simply delicious and I highly recommend it. It is easy to read and is very informative. 15 minutes a day! Come on...there is no excuse when it comes to our devotion to God.

Marrying praying with my daily reading has given me the strength to endure my tests and trials. When no one can see the screams from with in and I desperately need... something. When I weary with rejection and I desperately need... something. When I am hurting and confuse and I need... something. I go to the rock of my salvation. God. He is my something. My time with God is my moment to release the negatives. My time with God is indescribable . In a word it is just delicious.

"When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him." (Proverbs 16:7)

Blessings and happy readings,

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Skin Deep

Hello everyone!

I just experienced my first book signing. It was a quite an adventure and a learning experience. Thank you everyone who attended! I am extremely humbled, by the support; I am receiving from my family, friends, and church. No one is an island unto himself.

I am blessed, to have my sistah girl’s friends; these ladies continue to keep it real with me. They are my support and are not afraid to tell it like it is. That is true friendship for you. My sistah’s and I have many things in common. The one profound element that links us all together is that of our love for God. This is a deep Love y’all. We are mindful, that He is the creator, of all things and the deliverer from all things. Be blessed my friends. Let your friends and love ones know how much you love and appreciate them. In truth they are gems and their value is matchless. Until next time, my friends remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stage Production: Someone To Love Me

Hi Everyone!

I trust you are doing what you called to do in this world. Making new and wonderful memories for you. Aspiring and never tiring to be what god called you to be.
It seems as though there is just not enough hours in the day of late. I do not normally feel this way mind you. I have taken on several projects all of which are enduring and important to me.

Each project requires time and patience. One of my down sides (my mother would agree) I feel is that I am a perfectionist, juxtaposed with that; I have a slight case of OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Order) Yeah, can you imagine the on going battles, I have with myself?

Never the less, I do have some good news. Oh--- In case, I have not made mention to you, that I too, write dramas. I too write dramas. “Someone to Love Me” is our new project. This production is slated to be performed on May 10th, 2008. Mothers Day Weekend. We were blessed to have media coverage. A local News Station featured the cast members.

Acting and writing have always been cathartic for me. Those methods worked for me; I knew it would work for others as well. We implemented a drama department at our church. We meet twice out of the week; having what I call power talks. I wrote Someone to Love Me; loosely based on some of the cast members lives; whom I call them my babies, as I much older than they are.

I have solicted sponsors from far and near for funding for my drama's. We have encountered some rejections. But that is ok. I have developed a thick skin. I know that what is meant to be will be. In most cases, some people have to dig a little deeper than others. On the flip side we did received monetary help from some A list contributors! Whoo-hooo. Thus, the birthing of our recent drama “Someone to Love Me.” I have enjoyed directing this drama. The cast members are simply superb and gifted to the third power! They made my job easy. God has been good to me. I have submitted a link to the interview. Please, click on it and enjoy.


Friday, March 28, 2008

The Jeffersons

Recorded in 1975 By Ja'net DuBois (composer) and Jeff Barry

Well we're movin on up, To the east side.
To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
Movin on up
To the east side.
We finally got a piece of the pie.

Fish don't fry in the kitchen;
Beans don't burn on the grill.
Took a whole lotta tryin'
Just to get up that hill.
Now we're up in teh big leagues
Gettin' our turn at bat.
As long as we live, it's you and me baby
There ain't nothin wrong with that.

Well we're movin on up,
To the east side.
To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
Movin on up
To the east side.
We finally got a piece of the pie.

Hello Everyone---

I know that I have been gone for awhile. Life can get busy. I am preparing myself for the production of Someone To Love Me a Christian Inspirational drama I have written (inspired by God). Production is slated for May 10th, 2008 @ 6:00pm.

So, you can image the frenzy state I am in. I do love it and would not trade it for all the chocolate in the world. So between the drama and writing my second novel; I got lost in space. But I am back now. I missed you guys. LOL.

When, I am coming down from a high, I find a relaxant to soothe me. I have recently purchased the Jeffersons complete third season on DVD. Strangely enough, it relaxes me. I pop it in as I prepare for sleep.

George Jefferson is the man! I watch the dynamics of their relationship. It takes a woman like Weezy to handle his alpha male personality. The whole cast of the Jeffersons are what made that show what is was. It was a wonderful recipe.

I love the theme song to the Jeffersons. I was familiar with Ja'net Dubois; as she played Wilona on the sitcom Good Times. I was strangely perked by the mystery man Jeff Berry. He shared credit for song with Ms. Dubois for "Movin'On Up".

I donned my investigator mien and went in search of information on Mr. Jeff Berry. Below is my findings. If interested for further reading about Mr. Berry refer to Wikipedia.

Jeff Barry (born April 3, 1938) is an American pop music songwriter, singer, and record producer.Barry was born Joel Adelberg in Brooklyn, New York. His parents divorced when he was seven, and his mother moved him and his sister to Plainfield, New Jersey, where they resided for several years before returning to New York.In 1971 Barry moved from New York to California, where he had a production and administration deal with A&M Records for several years. Between 1972 and 1975, he produced hit singles for Nino Tempo and April Stevens (together and separately) and the a cappella vocal group The Persuasions. During subsequent years he shifted his focus to television (writing the theme songs for One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons, and Family Ties) and movies (the score for 1980's The Idolmaker), although he continued his work in the pop music field. In 1974, "I Honestly Love You," written by Barry with Peter Allen, became a #1 hit for singer Olivia Newton-John; and, in 1984, Jeffrey Osborne and Joyce Kennedy hit the Top 40 with another Barry composition, "The Last Time I Made Love," written with Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.

Jeff Berry is still a mystery to me; as I could not locate a photo, to go along with his name. I won't give up my investigation; my good friends.
Here is where I enlist your help. Anyone, who can find a picture of this mysterious man, thus ending my angst, would certainly be my saving grace. End me from my misery! Oh, did I mention, to you that when I read mystery novels, I read the back first?
Happy searching,

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Certain Ones

I can not believe it. I have written my first Non-Fiction Inspirational titled The Certain Ones. I am so excited and I know that it will be a great inspiration to you. The title spiritually manifested itself one day as I reading my daily devotional. The verse I was studying begun like so "There was a certain man" I was arrested by the word certain.

The word certain is defined as: established beyond doubt or question; definitely known. These certain ones lives were already written out for them! Despite the rejection, the physical ailments, and their disappointments. There was no doubt or question that they would emerge as the victors! It was written to be so. I then began to research these certain ones and discovered a wealth of information. These Men and Women were vehicles used for illuminating purpose. They were testimonies that would inspire and galvanize the weak and the weary. You know much like you and I :).

Luke 16:20 and there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores.
Ester 2:5 Now in Shushan the palace there was a certain Jew, whose name was Mordecai, the son of Jair, the son of Shimei, the son of Kish, a Benjamite.
Acts 10:1There was a certain man in Caesarea called Cornelius, a centurion of the band called the Italian band,
Mark 5:25 and a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years.
I can even add myself to the certain ones list. There was a certain woman named Vanessa who suffered from an ailment for several years and there had seem no hope for her. Having done all she knew to do; she would seek after a healer. This great healer one must search with their hearts in order to find Him. Vanessa sought him hard; refusing to be deterred by the noise of rejection and the silence of un- forthcoming answers, her search for him would increased. Whom her soul sought she had now found. And in Him was her healing.
When the wind blows and the flood flows I simply dawn the garment of faith. Resting my head on the pillow peace. I am certain that the storm will pass. It has been established beyond a doubt or question that I am victorious.

Not everyone is called in to greatness. Fact: Many can not handle the process that goes along with becoming great. Only the certain ones who endure can obtain greatness. I will be posting an excerpt about The Certain Ones at a later date. So continue to visit me and leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello everyone!

When I was a child I use to look at pictures and glean a story from them. It is true. It is as if I'd go catatonic. The room and everyone around me would just shrink the noise would fade out. It would be just me and the story that is unfolding in my head. I would turn to whom every mainly my cousin Patricia and tell her the paintings story.

Of course she was acclimated with my strange behavior; so she'd just nod and and say "Okay. Now back to what I was say..." LOL. My Mother and Aunt would just shake their heads at me. But I think now they understand me better. I am a story teller a weaver of words. I love creating things. Be it a story or a painting or the wardrobe that I wear. I not only have to create but I must share it with others. I think that is a writers angst. Not to be able share their stories with others. Above is a painting by Monica Stewart. I have never met her but it is as if she has captured me on canvas.

Do you see the young woman's story? Share with me what you see. I have viewed this painting several times and her story has changed with me several times. Here is what her story tells me now.

For when I see her. She tells me that she'd just received good news and was contemplating share it with another. Her husband. You see she is with child and she is very afraid to share her good news in fear that something might go awry.

You see she had several complications in conceiving and this was the longest she has carried. Fear had its claws in her overshadowing her joy. She just needed sometime to think things through. No, she needed to talk to her, Daddy. He always know what to say and how to say it.

"God? I need to talk to you" bowing her head she closed her eyes. "You know my situation. So, I am going to be honest with you. I am afraid...I don't want to lose this gift I am carry.'' The tears began to flow. "I lost to many times. Hurt to many times. I want to bring forth life."

Silence. She opened her eyes and saw a bird soaring above the soft billowy clouds. Silence.

"I am ready to soar into my destiny." She laughed softy. I sense this is a female child I am carrying. Her name shall be called Destiny" She laughed again. "Destiny it is time I now embraced mine" Standing up she swirled happily in a circle. "I am not afraid of destiny. My Destiny" Stopping she placed her right hand on her womb. The babe leaped.

She began to laugh and cry and the same time. How could she not tell of this wonderful child. She did have a choice. She would declaw the teeth of fear and embraced destiny. As if affirming her self proclamation the babe leaped with in her. "It is all good baby. It's all good" The bird released a cry reminding the woman of her earlier ruminations. "It is all good and it is good to be me". With that she set out to tell her Husband the good news.

The bird soared higher and higher until it disappeared from the Earth and far beyond the sky and sun. Divesting its self from animal form; the being looked at the woman running to her husband. It is good.

Happy readings,


Matthew 5:7-8. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Dear Sweet February!

Wow, where has the time gone? Another year and I am celebrating another Birthday! whoo, hoo! I would first like to thank God for allowing my mother and father to conceive me and my brother (yep, I am a twin) at the appointed time. LOL.
I love the month of February it is an unusual and history defining month. Alright, I am sure your saying that about your Birthday too and I agree with you, your special too. Awww, I see you smiling :)

Here are a few things that the month of February is known for
1. We celebrate Black History.
2. Not that I believe in this...but the ground hog traditon is practice this years made 122 year and yes he saw his shadow.
3. Leap year occurs in Febraury and this year is leap year! There is an african american saying about leap year. I am told that pregnancy rates are increased during that time. Humm....interesting.
4. Valentine's Day is celebrated.

I did a little homework and listed some celebrities born in February.

Celebrities Birthdays
Natalie Cole: February 6th
Charles Dickens: February 7th
Seth Green: February 8th
Jennifer Aniston: February 11th
Benicio Del Toro: February 19th
Erykah Badu: February 26th

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I look Around

I have had the opportunity to meet inspiring women. I also had the opportunity to meet women who just flat out refuse to be inspired. The latter is what causes my heart to hurt. These women have such great potential, yet won't capitalize on it. When given a choice they choose the wrong. The most unique thing is that the wrong seems right to them. Well in their eyes it does. It is like something out of sci fi novel.

I desperately wanted to understand the stand they've taken in their lives. I wanted to dig deep and talk to these ladies and ask them what makes them do what they do? There is no one answer to that question really. In fact some couldn't even answer the question. Which brings me to another of my humm.... moments. And I get them alot you will notice as you frequent my blog. Maybe together you and I can figure somethings out, eh?

Happy readings,


Just A Talk

I found myself waking up rather early of late. I am a incredibly spiritual person so I could hear the voice of my mother (who is my Pastor) ring loud and clear in my head. "The Lord is talking to you. Get out of that bed and see what he is asking of you". Several occassions I promise you I tried to roll out of the bed and to see what God wanted. But it was as if the body became imobile. I spoke to him via mind and soul during the interim praying he'd forgive my sluggishness.
Those talks when I can literally feel His divine presence are what sustains and uplift me. God in His wonderful timing He shows up and makes things alright. I have learned that when He (God) calls you answer. And when opportunity knocks be ready. Then Let go and let God.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."