Friday, June 20, 2008

Who Will?

Hi Guys--

It is Friday! (Hey, hey..... Doing a weird type of jig) I made it through another second, minute, hour, day,....I think your getting my meaning. The weekend is at hand and I got plans.... to simply chillax. Hopefully, I will be able to catch up on some reading, as my TBR ( to be read) pile has grown. Man, am I grateful. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and not to obsess over the things, that I have can not change.

As, a newly published author,I am learning so much about myself. Writing is a skill and art. It is the business side of writing that is difficult. I am challenged consistently. However, it is these challenges that aspire me to sharpen my saw or my vision. Friends, if you do not believe in you, who will? Having braved this week...and what a chaotic week it was. I am left feeling....hum, grateful. It is a humbling feeling.

I am grateful to God for seeing my through the chaotic week. I am grateful to my family and friends like you! With all this love and gratefulness-- why should I sweat the small stuff?
I am focused. So, my friends, continue to be encouraged... as greater days are ahead of us!



Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Healing Process

Hi Everyone,

I want to share with you a wonderful find. I have been studying the healing process for some time now. Upon studying, I came across a wonderful site that has been a tremendous help to me. Those who are close to me, knows that for years, I suffered from several health issues. I ate, slept, prayed, and believed in the power of healing. I decided to study up on the healing process. Healing is just that...a process. It was then I discovered, Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson( has a medical degree and 26 years experience as a nutrition consultant and have authored five books. Dr. Wilson's article, on the healing process, was very enlightening, I gained a wealth of information and applied that information to my life.

Doctor Wilson: Healing is different from, and so much more than eliminating or suppressing symptoms. This is confusing because symptom removal can look like healing, while healing may not produce symptom removal for months or even years. A healed body does not have cancer. However, just getting rid of a cancer, whether by surgery or by natural methods, is not healing. It is symptom removal. Nor is 'healing a broken leg' the kind of healing I am referring to. That, too, is usually just symptom removal.” In fact, healing is a path that can be embraced. It is a process foreign to our medical system and to our culture. It is essentially a reversal of the process involved in becoming ill, and at the same time an awakening to one's true nature and the meaning of life.


Dr. Wilson's words rang true with me. After my treatment (chest tube insertion) and I was released from the hospital to go home, I was not healed, although the healing process had begun. Truth be told, I was scarred and hurting both physically and emotionally. Healing is a process which requires much pro activity. What ever, I could do, to help aid in my healing process, I did. By that I mean eating right, exercising, and eliminating (as much as possible) stressful elements from my life. Too, I had to see and believe, that I was going to be healed, in spite of my repetitive hospitalizations.

Dr. Wilson:Certain axioms or themes are involved in the healing process:
* We are each powerful, mysterious, complex, multidimensional beings, no matter how frail and dysfunctional the body may be.
* There is an oneness of body, mind and spirit. There is also an oneness or collective consciousness shared by all beings.
* Events originate from within. We create our lives. This power is never taken away, though it may be given away temporarily.
* Healing has to do with taking full and complete responsibility for all of one's creations.
* Techniques, methods, and therapies may facilitate healing. However, ultimately, life heals or love heals, not a pill or operation.
* Healers, doctors, and therapists are facilitators only.
* Desire, allowing and surrender play critical roles in healing.
* Forgiveness of self and others are important aspects of the healing process.
* Discipline, derived from same root as 'disciple', is an important aspect of healing.


Good stuff, Dr. Wilson. Friends, you do not always have to see it to receive it. You know, what your it is. Just believe it. For those who are interested in the healing process by Dr. Wilson, I have included, a link to his article from his website, there you can also learn about his books and Cd's.

Happy readings,

Monday, June 16, 2008

Friends and Lovers

The Song by Aretha Franklin Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves. Comes to mind when I think about Michelle Obama. This Princeton and Harvard grad, both fascinates and inspires me. She is beautiful not just aesthetically, but skin deep. Michelle is a wife, mother, and a working woman. Wheew! Those are some pretty heavy balls to juggle. Yet, she makes it all appear effortless and, we women all know, that those functions are in no ways easy to do. I heard confess in an interview about the help she receives from her mother in helping with her daughters. Thank God for Mothers.
I gotta confess that, I was so enthused, when Michelle initiated the dap/ pound ( or bump as mainstream America hails it) to her husband, Barack before he addressed, the crowd in Minnesota. Then, giving the thumbs up in her exit. That move endeared the Obama's to me forever. For me it showcased their bond not only as husband and wife but that of friends as well. I openly confessed that Michelle has played a key factor in my consideration for Barack. They are a couple on the rise and I don't mean for the white house, but as an example that true love does exist, especially in the African American community. I pray the best for them. Together, they are history in the making and I am glad to be a witness to it.
If you would like further info on Michelle or that of Barak visit
Here is a brief summary of what I have learned about Michelle from there: Michelle was born on January 17, 1964, to Marian and Fraser Robinson on Chicago's South Side and graduated from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago's West Loop. After high school Michelle went on to Princeton University where in 1985 she graduated with a B.A. in sociology and a minor in African American studies. After college, Michelle continued her education at Harvard Law School, where she earned her degree in 1988.
Happy readings,

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Time With God

What a wonderful birthday gift, I received from my cousin, Linda. This book is now dog-eared. I try to take it everywhere that I go. Did I mentioned that this book is now dog-eared from my constant readings and from its many journeys with me?

My Devotional Time With God. I don't exactly have a routine, when it comes to my devotional time with God. I tried, honestly I did...but I just can not stick to the regime. I go through phases. I have my morning phase. I have my evening phase and I have my late at night phase. I am currently in my evening phase.

This book "My Time with God" is simply delicious and I highly recommend it. It is easy to read and is very informative. 15 minutes a day! Come on...there is no excuse when it comes to our devotion to God.

Marrying praying with my daily reading has given me the strength to endure my tests and trials. When no one can see the screams from with in and I desperately need... something. When I weary with rejection and I desperately need... something. When I am hurting and confuse and I need... something. I go to the rock of my salvation. God. He is my something. My time with God is my moment to release the negatives. My time with God is indescribable . In a word it is just delicious.

"When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him." (Proverbs 16:7)

Blessings and happy readings,