Thursday, March 26, 2015

Women Who Win Conference host Pastor Bridget Hilliard and Endometriosis Awareness Advocate Tara Chavez-Hilton

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Women Who Win Conference host Pastor Bridget Hilliard returns!

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. 
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is Endometriosis Advocate Tara Chavez-Hilton

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Friday, March 13, 2015

4th Annual Fighting Fiercely Endometriosis Awareness Event

Event Details:  Fighting Fiercely © is a movement created to educate enlighten and empower Endometriosis sufferers and their loved ones in learning more about this disease. Each year, we bring together experts and professionals from both the medical and holistic community to offer fun, facts and awareness in helping both women and their families learn to live, love, and flourish in the midst of navigating this tumultuous journey. Featured panelists include Dr. Sangeeta Senapati of the NorthShore University Health System, Sex Educator and ownwer of Early to Bed, Searah, Deysach…and more! This year’s event will also be celebrating Michelle’s book debut, chronicling her own experience with Endometriosis, entitled: Fighting Fiercely:Unveiling the Unknown about Endometriosis. To learn more, visit This event WILL sell out! You MUST register in advance. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door! 

Fighting Fiercely to Educate, Enlighten, and Empower.

As a successful Licensed Massage Therapist and Wellness Educator, Michelle N. Johnson fights fiercely to educate, enlighten and empower individuals to become proactive participants in their health wellness management.

Blessed with a compassionate heart, and a strong desire for helping others, Michelle has always maintained a great interest in alternative therapies and the healing arts. After receiving her certification  in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork from The New School for Massage, Bodywork & Healing,(Chicago, IL.),  in 2003, she went on to receive her Illinois State License in Massage Therapy the following year. In 2006, she became the President of her own therapeutic massage & wellness practice,

Essential~E (Essentially)Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, Inc.
Having been successful in the wellness industry for over a decade, Michelle passionately provides expert advice with honesty, integrity and sincerity. Michelle is an accomplished speaker, author, educator, wellness consultant, and passionate endometriosis advocate providing exceptional programs to individuals, small groups and corporate organizations.  She brings annual awareness every March to the plight of those with Endometriosis with her Fighting Fiercely © educational campaign.   Michelle is licensed by the state of Illinois, is an active member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), and is the author of the forthcoming book, Fighting Fiercely: Unveiling the Unknown about Endometriosis.

If you would like to invite Michelle to educate, enlighten, and empower you at your next event,  she can be reached at:
phone:    773.732.3163

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gospel Recording Artists Byron Cage, Alexis Spight and Endometriosis Awareness Advocate Michelle N.Johnson

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Gospel Artist and Stellar Award Winner Byron Cage makes his debut on The Certain Ones Talk Show! Known as the "Prince of Praise," celebrated gospel singer Byron Cage has been performing and recording songs since the 1980s and has become known for a self-described "cross-cultural, mass-appeal praise and worship" style that has kept his albums in the Billboard Gospel Top Ten almost continuously since it began in 2003. 

Gospel Recording artist and nominated for two Stellar Awards 2014 "New Artist of the Year" and Contemporary Female Vocalist of the Year" Alexis Spight returns to share her new music release! 
March is Endometriosis Awareness Month! Endometriosis Advocate Michelle N. Johnson shares her upcoming 4th Annual Endometriosis Awareness Event, please take a moment and visit her site at

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Million Women March – 2nd Year


When we experience something for the first time and receive so much value from it, we will welcome again that experience in our lives, year after year. We will fill our soul with hope and anticipation and our time would receive precise pinpoints. March 13, 2014 was the first Million Women March for Endometriosis, an action meant to raise awareness towards a condition that has managed to slipped unnoticed for too long. This year, the event will be held on 28th March, so save the date in your calendar and prepare for the march.

There is no doubt that awareness movements are gaining momentum with each year that passes, as people around the world can access information more easy. Media and especially the online social media play a vital role in connecting remote events around the globe in one sole voice, louder and easier understood. As our global village is becoming smaller and smaller, isolated problems, affecting just a small percent of the population become problems of the whole community. The power of a united voice can force the hands of decision makers to speed up the allocation of resources.

At the moment, despite the situation has improved from recent years, endometriosis still receives insufficient coverage and its impact over population’s health suffers from the sin of underestimation. We are yet not capable of considering endometriosis a disease worth a glorious fight, and put it next to the “celebrities” of the medical world like cancer or diabetes. But we should better ask those who fought and won the battle against endometriosis and it’s imposed limitation over the capacity to enjoy life. Personnel examples of success are literally filling the void left by our ignorance, motivating young women to embrace early detection methods and leave behind any fear.  

Endometriosis is currently affecting 200 million women and girls, not to count cases yet to be confirmed. Each year other millions join this big family. Aren’t we responsible for putting a stop to the alarming trend? No, we should not keep endometriosis for ourselves, and suffer in loneliness. Diseases had travel a long way from being a motif of discrimination and other forms of social exclusion. You are not less worthy than others and you should never be afraid to keep the head up and state your problem to the world.

Don’t forget that you should start wearing the yellow ribbon, the symbol for the fight against endometriosis, from the first day of March. The whole month is dedicated to actions around the globe meant to raise extra awareness and continue the legacy of the past year’s event.
Social media is our current weapon of choice for spreading ideas and reaching deep inside the mind of others. If you feel brave, you could create a short video, a presentation or just write a few sentences. It doesn’t cost you anything and it can only help your popularity level. Your intervention can quickly catch flame inside your circle of friends and there is no better way to support a cause that largely depends on the number of people that adhere to it.

It helps a lot to know that endometriosis is a condition that affects women from all layers of society. Even celebrities become victims of something not completely understood and explained by modern medical science. We all know Whoopi Goldberg and it surely made us laught at least once. She found out she had endometriosis in the 70's and undergo a successful medical treatment. From then, she is a passionate advocate of charitable causes, including that of raising awareness for endometriosis. Hillary Clinton is probably the most powerful feminine figure from the US political stage and she has manage to get out from the shadow cast by her husband great success to the public. Her career as First Lady was marked by intensive involvement in reforms regarding health issues. Endometriosis was part of her life experience, as she had trouble conceiving her only child, Chelsea, born in 1980. The list can go on with many other important public figures being involved in fights with the silent problem of endometriosis. Your story could be also a success story and you don’t have to be a celebrity to share it.