Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello everyone!

When I was a child I use to look at pictures and glean a story from them. It is true. It is as if I'd go catatonic. The room and everyone around me would just shrink the noise would fade out. It would be just me and the story that is unfolding in my head. I would turn to whom every mainly my cousin Patricia and tell her the paintings story.

Of course she was acclimated with my strange behavior; so she'd just nod and and say "Okay. Now back to what I was say..." LOL. My Mother and Aunt would just shake their heads at me. But I think now they understand me better. I am a story teller a weaver of words. I love creating things. Be it a story or a painting or the wardrobe that I wear. I not only have to create but I must share it with others. I think that is a writers angst. Not to be able share their stories with others. Above is a painting by Monica Stewart. I have never met her but it is as if she has captured me on canvas.

Do you see the young woman's story? Share with me what you see. I have viewed this painting several times and her story has changed with me several times. Here is what her story tells me now.

For when I see her. She tells me that she'd just received good news and was contemplating share it with another. Her husband. You see she is with child and she is very afraid to share her good news in fear that something might go awry.

You see she had several complications in conceiving and this was the longest she has carried. Fear had its claws in her overshadowing her joy. She just needed sometime to think things through. No, she needed to talk to her, Daddy. He always know what to say and how to say it.

"God? I need to talk to you" bowing her head she closed her eyes. "You know my situation. So, I am going to be honest with you. I am afraid...I don't want to lose this gift I am carry.'' The tears began to flow. "I lost to many times. Hurt to many times. I want to bring forth life."

Silence. She opened her eyes and saw a bird soaring above the soft billowy clouds. Silence.

"I am ready to soar into my destiny." She laughed softy. I sense this is a female child I am carrying. Her name shall be called Destiny" She laughed again. "Destiny it is time I now embraced mine" Standing up she swirled happily in a circle. "I am not afraid of destiny. My Destiny" Stopping she placed her right hand on her womb. The babe leaped.

She began to laugh and cry and the same time. How could she not tell of this wonderful child. She did have a choice. She would declaw the teeth of fear and embraced destiny. As if affirming her self proclamation the babe leaped with in her. "It is all good baby. It's all good" The bird released a cry reminding the woman of her earlier ruminations. "It is all good and it is good to be me". With that she set out to tell her Husband the good news.

The bird soared higher and higher until it disappeared from the Earth and far beyond the sky and sun. Divesting its self from animal form; the being looked at the woman running to her husband. It is good.

Happy readings,


Matthew 5:7-8. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Dear Sweet February!

Wow, where has the time gone? Another year and I am celebrating another Birthday! whoo, hoo! I would first like to thank God for allowing my mother and father to conceive me and my brother (yep, I am a twin) at the appointed time. LOL.
I love the month of February it is an unusual and history defining month. Alright, I am sure your saying that about your Birthday too and I agree with you, your special too. Awww, I see you smiling :)

Here are a few things that the month of February is known for
1. We celebrate Black History.
2. Not that I believe in this...but the ground hog traditon is practice this years made 122 year and yes he saw his shadow.
3. Leap year occurs in Febraury and this year is leap year! There is an african american saying about leap year. I am told that pregnancy rates are increased during that time. Humm....interesting.
4. Valentine's Day is celebrated.

I did a little homework and listed some celebrities born in February.

Celebrities Birthdays
Natalie Cole: February 6th
Charles Dickens: February 7th
Seth Green: February 8th
Jennifer Aniston: February 11th
Benicio Del Toro: February 19th
Erykah Badu: February 26th