Friday, February 8, 2008

My Dear Sweet February!

Wow, where has the time gone? Another year and I am celebrating another Birthday! whoo, hoo! I would first like to thank God for allowing my mother and father to conceive me and my brother (yep, I am a twin) at the appointed time. LOL.
I love the month of February it is an unusual and history defining month. Alright, I am sure your saying that about your Birthday too and I agree with you, your special too. Awww, I see you smiling :)

Here are a few things that the month of February is known for
1. We celebrate Black History.
2. Not that I believe in this...but the ground hog traditon is practice this years made 122 year and yes he saw his shadow.
3. Leap year occurs in Febraury and this year is leap year! There is an african american saying about leap year. I am told that pregnancy rates are increased during that time. Humm....interesting.
4. Valentine's Day is celebrated.

I did a little homework and listed some celebrities born in February.

Celebrities Birthdays
Natalie Cole: February 6th
Charles Dickens: February 7th
Seth Green: February 8th
Jennifer Aniston: February 11th
Benicio Del Toro: February 19th
Erykah Badu: February 26th

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