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Beautiful Ugly Blog Tour

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Beautiful Ugly by Shelia Lipsey
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About Beautiful Ugly: Three friends with different struggles rely on God and each other to get by. Layla Hobbs has so much to offer, including a beautiful singing voice, but obesity and low self-esteem hold her back from life and finding true love. Envy Wilson has always been Layla’s backbone. But what about her own dark secrets? She won’t share them with anyone, and it’s starting to eat away at her from the inside. And then there’s Kacie Mayweather. Stricken with cerebral palsy, she’s had her share of men—five baby daddies for six children, in fact. But she’s never had one man to call her own. They’ll need plenty of faith and support from each other to see the real beauty that lies within each one of them and fulfill their deepest desires at last.

My Book Review
In Beautiful Ugly, Sheila Lipsey delivers a soul searching, thought provoking, and inspirational story.

Kacie Mayweather is a single mother of six who finds herself pregnant again. Kacie’s desire to find love and be loved leads her to doing less than savory things. Hurt can make a person do things that they normally would not do.

Envy Wilson is beautiful and successful. Yet a secret from her past makes her feel anything but beautiful. It is hard to feel beautiful; and be accepting of true love, when one feels ugly on the inside.

Layla Hobbs has an issue with her weight. She struggles to find strength to mentally change her negative way of thinking, that she could never lose weight, nor be beautiful. An unexpected tragedy will cause a change both in Layla’s body, mind, and soul.

Sheila Lipsey captured the essence of true friendship in Beautiful Ugly; true friendship endures the testing of time, trials, and truths! A true friend with decorum and affection--- tells it like it is. The ladies will deal with their insecurities-- and each other; while keeping God in the midst of them. This was a heartfelt and inspirational read; the ending had me wanting more. This was a delightful read!

Win an autographed copy of Beautiful Ugly by Shelia Lipsey!

Shelia Lipsey is the author of three other Christian Fiction novels. The trivia question below is from one of those novels. Leave your response to the trivia question below in the comment section.

What kind of job did Chandler Larson pretend to have? Tell us the title of the book.

About the Author : Author Shelia E. Lipsey is a multi-award winning author. Her novels are available at most bookstores nationwide as well as online. Lipsey’s books have been called gripping, life-altering, memorable and realistic. Lipsey was recently awarded the 2009 Top Shelf Award for Beautiful Ugly by Black Pearls Magazine. She also won 2009 Shades of Romance Readers’ Choice Awards for My Son’s Wife in the following categories: Author of the Year, Christian fiction Book of the Year, Christian Romance of the Year, Best Book Cover of the Year, Best Fiction Book of the Year, among several other awards for her novels, Into Each Life and Sinsatiable. Lipsey is the proud mother of two sons and the grandmother of three blessed young men. She is president of, founder of Living Your Dreams Now a non-profit organization and MAAW (Memphis African American Writers).
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Author Shalonda "Treasure" Williams

Author Shalonda "Treasure" Williams

Savannah Georgia native Shalonda "Treasure" Williams has decided to break out. As the youngest of eleven siblings, Shalonda determines to bring a message of encouragement and motivation. Living life with a cap of purpose to help push others into the "GO" (Get Over) position.

Her desire and love is to see others smiling because they feel empowered to move forward knowing that they mean a great deal to their Maker. With her books "Back to the Basics" and "A Heart's Thoughts" in her Love Walk Meditations Series, she has begun that journey. In her upcoming books you will be challenged to believe in you. You will realize that no matter where you thrive that you are great right there. You will be uplifted to the 'GO' position. Encouraged to Get Over so that you can Get On with life. As a motivator, Shalonda is here to tell you that greatness comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexes, etc.

V. Richardson: Hi Shalonda! Thank you for chatting with me today!

S. Williams: Hello to you Vanessa. I am most grateful and humbled to be chatting with you as well.

V. Richardson: You have several inspirational novels. Of them which one has had the most impact in your life and that of your readers?

S. Williams: The book that has had the most impact on me would be “PurposeFull You”. It's the message behind it. It's very common for people to believe less of their purpose because of the labels & opinions of family, friends & society as a whole. I've come to believe more in my divine purpose and wanted to share my heart with others in hopes that they wouldn't feel alone. Though this book is compact it holds much motivation. That's my goal.

V. Richardson: What do you want readers to take away from your books?

S. Williams: From all of my writings I would like for them to know that they are never by themselves in a hard place. Specifically from “PurposeFull You” I would like them to get that no matter the picture that is painted, there is purpose in what may be labeled as the “least” position. Take from this book that the camera person's position is just as purposed and important as the new's anchors job. If we let the truth be told, who would see the anchor person without the camera person being on their post.

V. Richardson: There is always a story behind the glory. How do/did you handle rejection (s)?

S. Williams: I've never been really good with rejection. I've watched others take it like a pro and keep going, not taking any of it personally. Since I've been writing however, my greatest rejection showed its face in the form of lack of support from those I care for. It was like a blow to my heart. After the hurt from that I realized that I had to “woman up”; stand with backbone. Once I did that I knew that any further rejection that comes with being an author, speaker or in life period could be taken standing up with my faith in tact. My faith says that even rejection happens for a purpose.

V. Richardson:
What advice would you offer to those aspiring authors?

S. Williams: Go with your heart. If you feel it and the desire is strong you won't regret the journey. Be peaceful and be of good courage because what you have inside of you is for someone, even if it's just You!

V. Richardson:
What have you discovered about yourself on your journey to publication?
I've discovered that I don't have to settle for just enough. When my first book was published and things weren't quite right for me I had to learn how to make things better. That meant me taking the time learn a lot of things. What the publisher did I needed to learn it for myself. What they did for me I learned to do myself and with higher royalties. I'm not a greedy person. I just became a bit wiser in my dealings. I also discovered that confidence and constant faith is a must. I can't be all I need to be without either

V. Richardson: How can readers contact you?

S. Williams: Readers can contact me a number of ways: (my main website. Email me at If any are members of the Goodreads community,

V. Richardson: Shalonda, thank you so very much for talking with me.

S. Williams: Thank you Vanessa for allowing yourself to be used as such a great vessel of inspiration.

V. Richardson: I pray that your novels will touch and heal the heart of many. Too, I pray GREAT success to you. As always in closing-- continue to inspire as you aspire.

Contact Author Shalonda "Treasure" Williams
"You too are Full of Great Purpose" Also, visit on my new site. Love Walk Author Support is dedicated to authors showing support through purchases, information & reviews. A place where you join with support in mind.
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Have A Little Faith (Short Story)

Have A Little Faith by Vanessa Richardson © Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

It was one of the darkest times for her. Try as she might visibility was next to nil. She just could not understand how she came to be in this situation. Reminiscing over her life wondering if somewhere down in her past she had inadvertently done wrong to someone and God was punishing her for it. She readily admitted that she was not perfect. She believed and lived by her motto of treating others the way you would want to be treated. Growing up she was a volunteer at her local hospital. She was active in her community and attended church faithfully. She was always faithful in her relationships. She had no answers. Why was this happening to her? Feeling the familiar sting of tears forming, she swallowed hard willing them away.

A sob broke forth. A single tear fell followed by another and another until a full out tsunami erupted. She came out of nowhere smelling like fresh flowers. Mama wrapped her arms around her only child. This loving move caused Mercy’s tears to fall fast and furious. It seemed her mother always knew she needed her the most. Mercy turned into her mothers comforting embrace, clinging tightly to her, she released her deep sorrow. Mercy felt like a drowning victim, of late, it seemed as though her mother was the lifeline keeping her a float. So the tears of not understanding continued there flow.

The combination of denial and hurt caused her soulful cries to escalate. Through this mama remained unflappable. Steadily, she continued to rock her only child, soothingly brushing back her long dark tresses, all the while singing an old familiar gospel song. Precious Lord, take my hand Lead me on, let me stand I’m tired, I am weak I am worn through the storm, through the night Lead me on to the light Take my hand precious Lord Precious Lord, take my hand, Lead me on, let me stand, I am tired, I am weak, I am worn; Through the storm, through the night, Lead me on to the light: Mercy normally would have been embarrassed by such display of weakness. Not today.

She needed this cry. Mercy could not help but to wonder if crying had categories. She only knew that this would be the last cry over this particular situation. The famous quote from civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer came to mind. She was “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” reluctantly removing herself from her mothers comforting embrace. Mama nodded her head and smiled. Standing mama gave her privacy to recollect herself. Mercy was grateful to her. Mercy sat staring into her glass of lemonade. “Mercy, baby, not every dark cloud mean its going to rain. Have a little faith,” Mama sipped her lemon lime lemonade smiling. They had adjourned to the kitchen both drinking a tall cold glass of lemonade. After her gut-wrenching cry, mama had suggested that she take a long bath and to later join her in the kitchen.

Food always cheered Mercy up. Mama could make a meal like no body’s business. In her late fifties mama was often mistaken for being in her mid forties. Her cinnamon skin was wrinkled free and her onyx eyes still sparkled with youthful gaiety. Mercy looked at her mother in askance. Her mother has taken this journey with her from the beginning. She saw the hurt and pain she was enduring this latest episode was testimony of her hurt. There was no it looks like. It is what it is. Chuckling softly mama put her cup down and clasped her daughter’s hand.

Mercy was her only child and was a gift from God. She was her miracle child. Doctors told her she would never be able to conceive. The news was devastating to her. However, God had mercy upon her. Some women get married only to have kids because they think it is the next thing to do. Mama knew from a small child that she would be a mother. She wanted to have a house full of children. God’s plans were different. She and Almer her husband of thirty-five years never gave up faith that they would one day be parents. Their Mercy was their gift from God. That was a dark looming cloud, but no rain had followed. “You know the story of how you were born. I know you hurting but I want you to really listen to me,” Mama held up her hand stopping Mercy’s denial. “Listen to me with your heart. If this door closes, God can open up another.

You can still be happy, baby. It is your choice.” Mama leaned forward capturing her loved child’s eyes. “You can be happy.” Looking into her mothers warm eyes, Mercy did indeed feel she could be happy. Looking at the phone, she sighed. In ten minutes, her Doctor would be calling her to confirm if she was pregnant. She smiled wistfully. History had a way of repeating itself. She had inherited the gene that her mother has that made conceiving almost impossible. She and her husband Stanley had been trying unsuccessfully for five years to have a baby. The sudden a strange phenomenon occurred. She was craving weird foods and she was nauseated every morning. She kept these changes to herself for almost a month. Finally telling her husband of her suspicions together, they schedule an appointment to see her family doctor. Due to her rare condition, several types of blood tests had to be run. The result would be back in two days. Today was day two. A tremor began to course through her body. Just then, Stanley and her father came in. Stanley said not a word he just held her. Mercy embraced her husband of seven years entrance. He was still able to make her heart soar just by entering a room. At six feet three, he made her feel safe and secure. His skin was the color of mocha, his newly grown goat tee made him appear ruggedly handsome.

Mercy rested her head on his broad shoulders. He tightened his embrace. Mercy sighed tightening her hold She silently offered up a pray of thanks to God. Family meant every thing to her. Hazarding another glance at the clock, Mercy realized she had only two minutes left until “the call.” Her father a big burly man with skin the color of molasses kissed her forehead taking a seat next to mama. Although expected the call, the shrilling noise of the phone caused all four occupants to jump. No one moved. They were afraid to. What was the answer behind the call?

Finally, Mercy forced herself to answer the shrilling phone. “Hello.” Mercy barely recognized her own voice. “This is she. Ok. Thank you for all you have done for us. Good bye.” Mercy looked at her loved ones grateful for their presence, their combined strength made this journey bearable. Finally replacing the phone Mercy numbly went into her husband-awaiting embrace. Her silent pillow of strength. True to character he said not a word, he just held her.

Mama bowed her head as papa wrapped his arms around her in comfort. “We’re going to be the proud parents to twins,” Mercy finally revealed. The room remained silent at her announcement. Mercy lean back to look into her husbands eyes. They were wide with shock. His mouth moved but no words came forth. He laughed spinning her around in a circle. Mercy laughed aloud at his joyful display. My but how good it felt to laugh. She thought. She could not stop herself, did not want to stop really, laughing felt good. “Did I hear you right, Baby? We’re having twins?” His voice cracked. Her husband’s tears were falling free and fast. Mercy nodded her head wildly sending her tresses everywhere. Her joyful tears matching that of her beloved. Stanley lifted her spinning her around. “Praise the Lord!” Mama shouted spinning around in her own little circle. Papa leaped up and began doing an off beat jig. “This is cause for a celebration. We are going out to celebrate. Yee haw! I am going to be a grandpa twice in one day. My baby is having babies,” Papa continued his offbeat jig. “We are doing no such a thing, Papa,” Mama cried. “I have already prepared a feast for the heavens. We will eat right here and celebrate in the privacy of our home, not in a restaurant filled with strangers.”

Mercy and her husband were oblivious to her parents bantering. They young couple continued to hold each other, tears of joy steadily flowing. It was contagious as Mama and papa’s own tears began to fall. Silently they watched the young couple. They had endured much and were deserving of great happiness. Papa nodded at mama, gently guided her out of the kitchen affording the young ones some privacy. The table could wait they had time.

Disclaimer: artwork by J. Mayers

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THE Dream Experience

I am delighted to announce what I hail as a inspirational, motivationational and soulfest teleclass!

Dream Explosion Coming Near You!:

Dream Experience Series has faith-based concepts to give you a future of hope and promise. It also can include business, ministry, adult-youth based programs/organizations, and author-publisher insight, information, and knowledge-based methods to keep your dreams alive and pursing your dreams to a reality.

Topics: Series 1--Dreaming Again and Invest in You!

• Dream Phases: dream, dream 4 more, and dream inclusively
• Define your purpose and dreams with your talents, abilities, and skills
• Steps to unlock the keys to your destiny
• Steps to defeat rejection, barriers, and circumstances
• Invest in You: budgets
• Write the Vision, make it plain, and make it happen

Dream Speakers: James A. Jimason, Vanessa Richardson, and Adrienna Turner.

Fee for Workshop: $20.00 for up to 2 hours of Dream Explosion. Note: First 10 registrants will have the opportunity to win a free copy of guest author's books!!

Date and Time: January 31, Sunday, 6:00-8:00 p.m. CST.

Payments received by: January 30th, 11:59 p.m. (ends)* normally 5 business days in advance. First show, we will allow 24 hour or more before show.

Email will be sent with call in number and pin number to listen in or listen to webcast (online) with chat. Will be recorded for playback feature to our fellow listeners. We will require email and call in number before session after payment rendered.

Author and Motivational Speaker
James A. Jimason

Author and Playwright
Vanessa Richardson


Adrienna Turner is an accomplished author of several nonfiction and poetry books. Her latest book is "Desire at Will"--nonfiction spiritual book. She also writes under pseudonym names for her fiction projects such as science-fiction/horror; romance draspensedy (drama, romance, suspense); fantasy/supernatural fiction; and suspense thrillers genres.

Her other writing abilities as a contributing writer for Heavenly Magazine ( and Celebrity Report Magazine (, and Associated Content Press with featured articles. She is available for literary and proofreading projects on to chat live or email. She is the founder of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm.

Her passion is encouraging and edifying other aspiring writers to believe in their work, to polish it, and make it marketable. Therefore, she started a literary firm called Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm to help new and aspiring authors to showcase their books and enhance their writing projects to become a masterpiece. Other passions are youth involvement, community, and legal field.

Contact Author and Blogtalk Radio Host Adrienna Turner

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Victorious Living for Women Blog Tour

About the Book

Victorious Living for Women is filled with the inspiration, wisdom and pathways to victory of 42 incredible women who share stories of their life experiences, from their heart to yours. They have endured personal pain and have come through empowered, encouraged and victorious.

As they take you on their personal journeys you will find inspiration, encouragement and blueprints for victory embedded in each chapter. You will discover principles for transforming your life. You can learn how to overcome fear, find you purpose, define your destiny, recover from divorce, heal your heart, physical healing, dealing with the loss of loved ones and so much more.

This stellar assembly of women with inspiring true-life stories will captivate you throughout each page as you read how their lives were transformed from anger to joy, disappointment to destiny and trial to victory. Their candor, wisdom and inspiration can help you to pursue your path of becoming a victorious woman.

I am Johnese K. Stewart and my chapter in the book Victorious Living for Women is Living Life on Purpose: Choosing to be Victorious.

What motivated me to participate in Victorious Living for Women Project was a question that I asked God about what was my next assignment pertaining to my writing and about three days later I received an email. This email was a press release about a collaborative book publishing venture and their recruiting of new and season authors. I knew that it was my answer and I also knew that this was a special project. So, I moved quickly without any hesitation.

Read an excerpt and check the tour schedule at

Victorious Living for Women

Table of Contents

1. Althea Marscene Williams
2. Angela Brown
3. Evangelist Brenda Dennis
4. Apostle Caroll Pollard Lopez
5. Cherri Waltson
6. Cheryl A. Pullins
7. Cheryl Donovan
8. Christine Pembleton
9. Deana Murphy
10. Debbie Magee
11. Deborah Billingsley
12. Donna Saunders
13. Eleanor Pat Miller
14. Gail Dudley
15. Jacqueline Lewis-Kemp
16. Jewell Powell
17. Joan Gosier
18. Joann Smith
19. Johnese Stewart
20. Joy Turner
21. Dr. Joyce McNeal
22. Kathleen Moon
23. Katrina Norfleet
24. Kimberly F. Jackson
25. L. Denise Simpson
26. Dr. LaWanna Harrod
27. Lea Marie Lucas
28. Letetia Liggins
29. Linda Evans
30. Lorraine Williams
31. Lucretia Daniel
32. Martha Lake
33. Melissa Hoffman
34. Michele Mills
35. Paulette Harper
36. Rhonda White
37. Tiesha Johnson
38. Tiffany Easley
39. Tina Gwynn
40. Tresmaine Grimes
41. Valarie D. Bloom

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Deliver Me From My Enemies, Author Sharon Oliver


Sharon Oliver is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and a former Systems Administrator for a federal agency. Aside from working on her fourth fiction book, a psychological thriller, she is also a freelance writer. The author focuses on penning Christian themed novels cloaked in mystery and humor. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.

Synopsis: Deliver Me From My Enemies

Charlotte Morley had assumed her Aunt Ramiyah’s motive for killing her husband was due to his being abusive. However, a series of letters from Ramiyah slowly reveal that the true motive springs deep from beneath the family tree. While trying to figure out what is really going on, a childhood friend comes to town with a few issues of his own.

V. Richardson: Hi Sharon! Thank you for chatting with me today!

S.Oliver: Thank you for having me.

V. Richardson: Your latest release is titled “Deliver Me from My Enemies.” What is the synopsis?

S.Oliver: This story is the sequel to “Keep Your Enemies Closer” and it picks ups a little from the cliffhanger, which is eventually revealed and another crises in the Morley family starts to brew. The protagonist, Charlotte Morley, is still in South Carolina and while there she starts to receive letters from her Aunt Ramiyah who is in jail for killing her husband. Everyone assumed the motive behind the murder was due to the humiliating swinging lifestyle introduced to Ramiyah by her husband. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was actually a disturbing fact the husband revealed to Ramiyah about her own family.

In the meantime, a childhood friend of Charlotte’s is also in town with some issues of his own along with the same zany cast of characters who help provide some comic relief. The story is funny yet deals with some serious issues that we often sweep under the rug. Although it does not end in another cliffhanger, there is a surprise towards the end.

V. Richardson: What do you want readers to take away from this book?

S.Oliver: Hopefully, they will be entertained. For those who may be struggling with, is,(or has been) a victim of an issue mentioned in the book, it is my sincere desire that they are healed and set free.

V. Richardson: There is always a story behind the glory. How do/did you deal with rejection(s)?

S.Oliver: I’m laughing because I’m still dealing with rejections. God is helping me to develop a thick skin.

V. Richardson: How do you stay motivated as an author?

S.Oliver: When “stricken” with writer’s block, I just go with the non-flow and rest, but once a stream of ideas and/or words flow again then I’m good to go. Plus, praying for the motivation helps as well.

V. Richardson: Are there any forthcoming projects readers should be made aware of?

S.Oliver: Currently, I am working on a murder mystery series, the first which is set for release in February 2011. I love cozies. I’m also working on a psychological-thriller. Think Fatal Attraction meets Single Black Female.

V. Richardson: What advice would you offer to aspiring authors?

S.Oliver: Do not give up. Keep plugging at it because God has a way of opening doors. Purchase a copy of the Writer’s Digest. It’s an author’s bible, sort to speak. And network with folk, research everything and market your product. The work does not end along with The End in your last chapter. Writing is only a part of the journey.

V. Richardson: How can readers contact you?

S.Oliver: Please visit my website, which is My email address is located there. Also, readers can find me, Sharon Oliver, on Facebook.

V. Richardson: Sharon, thank you so very much for chatting with me. It is always delightful when connecting with you. As always in closing, continue to inspire as you aspire.

To request a review an interview and/or a book signing with the author:
Please Contact:
Progressive Book Marketing
P.O. Box 1271; Gaylord, MI 49734
800-806-1075 ext. 103
Denise Glesser

Visit her website at

All of the characters in the book are three dimensional and very interesting, entertaining and complex. The theme of this book to me is the goodness of God and things we look at as a disaster God sees it as an opportunity to bless us. The theme is really intertwined in the book from beginning to end and there is never a time in this book where you are guessing about the theme.

Even though the theme is very familiar and traditional, I felt it was still entertaining with characters such as Timmi and Sista. The author's style of writing is simple, easy and humorous. She wrote the book so that if flowed quite effortlessly. Even through the twists and turns this book takes with her style of writing, she does not lose you. Yvonne, Women of Character Book Club - Orlando, Florida

Sharon Oliver's book, "Keep Your Enemies Closer," although labeled as Christian Fiction, is wonderfully believable as it weaves you into the story of "Charlotte," a Christian woman visiting her grandparents "down south." With Sharon Oliver's brilliant writing style, you will find yourself easily captivated by the endearing character's lives, with all of their colorful and complicated "quirks." Ms. Oliver weaves a storyline so suspenseful that you will actually catch yourself holding your breath, waiting for the turning of the next page. You will also find yourself laughing out loud at the delightful character, Ms. Sista.

The main character, Charlotte, gives us all a shining example of faith in action. Charlotte handles each complication that comes her way by seeking God first and so her own faith shines as a beacon to her friends, as well as family. The Light of the Low Country Magazine, Bamberg, SC.
Review from
by Stephanie (weRead user published 2008-09-05 )

OMG! I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for the sequel. But seriously, the faith that is displayed in this book and the descriptions of the fruits of the Spirit are awesome. The book grabs your interest and holds it from cover to cover.
A reader from Virginia writes: I just finished the book and I am ready for the sequel. When will it be ready so I can see what will happen to Charlotte and the bad twin. It was so exciting that I couldn't put the book down. Please let me know and keep on writing.

Another reader from Texas writes: When is part 2 coming out? I just cannot wait to find out what happened... Book Clubs Reviewer: The novel offers you characters that display humor, faith, struggles, a non-believer's perspective, deception and the character of Sista is someone you will find in your church. This novel is a wonderful Christian fiction read.