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Deliver Me From My Enemies, Author Sharon Oliver


Sharon Oliver is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and a former Systems Administrator for a federal agency. Aside from working on her fourth fiction book, a psychological thriller, she is also a freelance writer. The author focuses on penning Christian themed novels cloaked in mystery and humor. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.

Synopsis: Deliver Me From My Enemies

Charlotte Morley had assumed her Aunt Ramiyah’s motive for killing her husband was due to his being abusive. However, a series of letters from Ramiyah slowly reveal that the true motive springs deep from beneath the family tree. While trying to figure out what is really going on, a childhood friend comes to town with a few issues of his own.

V. Richardson: Hi Sharon! Thank you for chatting with me today!

S.Oliver: Thank you for having me.

V. Richardson: Your latest release is titled “Deliver Me from My Enemies.” What is the synopsis?

S.Oliver: This story is the sequel to “Keep Your Enemies Closer” and it picks ups a little from the cliffhanger, which is eventually revealed and another crises in the Morley family starts to brew. The protagonist, Charlotte Morley, is still in South Carolina and while there she starts to receive letters from her Aunt Ramiyah who is in jail for killing her husband. Everyone assumed the motive behind the murder was due to the humiliating swinging lifestyle introduced to Ramiyah by her husband. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was actually a disturbing fact the husband revealed to Ramiyah about her own family.

In the meantime, a childhood friend of Charlotte’s is also in town with some issues of his own along with the same zany cast of characters who help provide some comic relief. The story is funny yet deals with some serious issues that we often sweep under the rug. Although it does not end in another cliffhanger, there is a surprise towards the end.

V. Richardson: What do you want readers to take away from this book?

S.Oliver: Hopefully, they will be entertained. For those who may be struggling with, is,(or has been) a victim of an issue mentioned in the book, it is my sincere desire that they are healed and set free.

V. Richardson: There is always a story behind the glory. How do/did you deal with rejection(s)?

S.Oliver: I’m laughing because I’m still dealing with rejections. God is helping me to develop a thick skin.

V. Richardson: How do you stay motivated as an author?

S.Oliver: When “stricken” with writer’s block, I just go with the non-flow and rest, but once a stream of ideas and/or words flow again then I’m good to go. Plus, praying for the motivation helps as well.

V. Richardson: Are there any forthcoming projects readers should be made aware of?

S.Oliver: Currently, I am working on a murder mystery series, the first which is set for release in February 2011. I love cozies. I’m also working on a psychological-thriller. Think Fatal Attraction meets Single Black Female.

V. Richardson: What advice would you offer to aspiring authors?

S.Oliver: Do not give up. Keep plugging at it because God has a way of opening doors. Purchase a copy of the Writer’s Digest. It’s an author’s bible, sort to speak. And network with folk, research everything and market your product. The work does not end along with The End in your last chapter. Writing is only a part of the journey.

V. Richardson: How can readers contact you?

S.Oliver: Please visit my website, which is www.sharonoliver.net. My email address is located there. Also, readers can find me, Sharon Oliver, on Facebook.

V. Richardson: Sharon, thank you so very much for chatting with me. It is always delightful when connecting with you. As always in closing, continue to inspire as you aspire.

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All of the characters in the book are three dimensional and very interesting, entertaining and complex. The theme of this book to me is the goodness of God and things we look at as a disaster God sees it as an opportunity to bless us. The theme is really intertwined in the book from beginning to end and there is never a time in this book where you are guessing about the theme.

Even though the theme is very familiar and traditional, I felt it was still entertaining with characters such as Timmi and Sista. The author's style of writing is simple, easy and humorous. She wrote the book so that if flowed quite effortlessly. Even through the twists and turns this book takes with her style of writing, she does not lose you. Yvonne, Women of Character Book Club - Orlando, Florida

Sharon Oliver's book, "Keep Your Enemies Closer," although labeled as Christian Fiction, is wonderfully believable as it weaves you into the story of "Charlotte," a Christian woman visiting her grandparents "down south." With Sharon Oliver's brilliant writing style, you will find yourself easily captivated by the endearing character's lives, with all of their colorful and complicated "quirks." Ms. Oliver weaves a storyline so suspenseful that you will actually catch yourself holding your breath, waiting for the turning of the next page. You will also find yourself laughing out loud at the delightful character, Ms. Sista.

The main character, Charlotte, gives us all a shining example of faith in action. Charlotte handles each complication that comes her way by seeking God first and so her own faith shines as a beacon to her friends, as well as family. The Light of the Low Country Magazine, Bamberg, SC.
Review from weRead.com
by Stephanie (weRead user published 2008-09-05 )

OMG! I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for the sequel. But seriously, the faith that is displayed in this book and the descriptions of the fruits of the Spirit are awesome. The book grabs your interest and holds it from cover to cover.
A reader from Virginia writes: I just finished the book and I am ready for the sequel. When will it be ready so I can see what will happen to Charlotte and the bad twin. It was so exciting that I couldn't put the book down. Please let me know and keep on writing.

Another reader from Texas writes: When is part 2 coming out? I just cannot wait to find out what happened...
www.myspace.com/Sidne-The Book Clubs Reviewer: The novel offers you characters that display humor, faith, struggles, a non-believer's perspective, deception and the character of Sista is someone you will find in your church. This novel is a wonderful Christian fiction read.


Rhonda McKnight said...

Nice interview. Sharon has a wonderful spirit.

vanessa richardson said...

Hi Rhonda!

Thanks! I agree, and Deliver Me From My Enemies, (the title alone is awesome) is definitely on my TBR good list!