Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After This...

After the storm, I lingered at the door, not wanting to see the damages it had wrought upon us. It was unbelievable. One minute the sun was shinning, the next minute dark and foreboding clouds had come out of no where. The wind had picked up unexpectedly. The rain had begun to fall in abundance. Sighing, I finally forcing myself to move; I entered the building. I was not prepared for the damages, I was witnessing. Everything was one horrific mess! Water was everywhere, it was overwhelming. I knew that it needed to be cleaned up yet—it ‘seemed’ too much for me. I didn’t know where to begin, the situation felt overwhelming. After the storm; I couldn’t help feeling powerless, helpless, and lost.

I didn’t want to be there. I am not an avoider at all. But, right then I wanted to run somewhere safe and happy. I wanted to go somewhere and just release my feelings for a moment. To scream out the angst I was feeling. Later I thought. Right now it was time to deal with this present issue. I forced myself to walk further into the room, when I really wanted to run the other way. It took brute strength to hold myself together. I could feel the others watching me, awaiting my reaction from the unexpected storm. They’ve already had the opportunity to assess the damage done. It was my turn. My predilection for order was sorely being tested. I absolutely detest when things are out of order.

It was the quiet after the storm. Everything was different--never again will things be the same. Around me there was a movement taking place. God’s people had a mind to work! I looked their faces trying to discern their mind states. I saw a fierce determination. It was in their movements. I was pleasantly surprised and galvanized.

Though progression was taking place, I was becoming restless with the pace things were going. Why do bad things happen to good people? This question immediately popped in my head. I walked further into the room immediately raw emotions flooded me. My Pastor walked past me, as if oblivious to the damages done. She smiled, looking around and said. “It is looking good.” Her words made me speechless. She has a way of always rendering me so. I was immediately humbled. I confess that I couldn’t see past the mess.

My teacher was still smiling. I looked again wanting to see what she was seeing. I needed to look beyond the mess to see the good. Looking past the hurts and disappointments, I was finally able to see it! The good. The storm had bought a people together. The flood had caused a determination that wasn’t there before. The rain removed old layers to reveal a hidden danger. These walls were new. My teacher walked past me. I could hear her words in passing. “Baby, you got to see the vision. Then work it.”

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! For some the holiday season can be painful, as some has/had suffered the loss of family, friend, health, and/or jobs. Sending out (((waves))) of encouragements to you. Take the love of friends and family and wear it like a warm blanket. Love is the best medicine!
Truly, it is amazing- what the power of love can do!!When a person loves something or someone, they become passionate enough to step outside the box and pursue their vision (s) *cough* or someone! *smile*.
The love of self, friends, and family; can truly make the world go around. And make our journey smoother. When I wrote the novel and stage production of "Love Found Me." I knew, I wanted to explore the above entities in an unique way. Applying it to paper was the tricky part. The next step was to bring these characters to life, in an believable manner. I want viewers to see themselves or that of someone they knew or know. Sometimes we can be to close to our situations that we just don't see it; for what it is. Thus the stage production of "Love Found Me."
Suffice it to say, that I would need strong actors, to bring our leading characters to life. I immediately thought of Tony Grant, star of Tyler Perry's ,"Why Did I Get Married?" and "A Madea Christmas." There is a redemption scene in the "Love Found Me," production in which Tony Grant performs; that will sends chills down your spine. Tony's vocal range is like no other! But, mainly it is what, I hail as "the anointing." So, for Tony's love interest, I had to have someone strong to Sheila's character and would have a strong repoire, with Tony Grant. Trisha Mann, star of "The Clean Up Woman." would be that woman.
UPCOMING ARTISTS: Rev. Ishie and Sister Ethel. You have not seen anything until you've seen these two in action!!!!! Be on the look out for these two! HILARIOUS!
Thank you so much for all your support, we are looking forward to meeting and greating you. May God bless you!
On December 10th-11th/6:00pm. Order tickets online at
Mike Montgomery once lived the American dream. Gainfully employed, beautiful home, and a wonderful loving wife. Growing up in a loving family whose faith was unbreakable was his source of strength. Mike's faith would one day be shaken after losing the love of his life in an unexpected tragedy. Mike thought he would never love again until he meets Sheila Lawson. Everything about Sheila made him want to love again. Could he risk his heart again? Sheila Lawson, a woman’s health advocate was strong and independent, yet something was missing in her life. Immersing herself in her work, she vowed off any relationships. Sheila would find her self-made decree shaken when she meets tall, dark, and handsome Mike Montgomery. There is an evil lurking in the shadows. Mike and Sheila will have to unite to overcome evil forces trying to keep them apart. Will their love be enough to see them through the testing of their faith?