Friday, August 29, 2008

Greater is He that is in me

What a phenomenon to behold! The story goes as told: It was a day of the unexpected and the unforgettable, as my friend and I were traveling our destined paths, simply enjoying and appreciating life.

We both were attentive to God’s beautiful display of earthly creations. The cardinal the North Carolina state bird was flying freely about. The butterflies were dancing merrily about, too. Gusts of winds softening the Sun’s stifling heat. Patsy and I were laughing and enjoying ourselves. When suddenly the unexpected happened.

The Sun’s bright face was eerily darkened overshadowing the moment of tranquility. The earth was cast into a moment of darkness. My friend was paralyzed by fear. “What happened to the light,” she whispered repeatedly. This time on this darken path I was confident. You see I had been here before. I was confident that God would see me through. My heart is hidden in Christ and I trusted Him to see me through the day and night times.

I wanted to help my friend. She would have to win this battle alone. I stood there watching, praying, and waiting. “What happened to the light? We were so happy one minute. This is not supposed to happen!” Her cry was one of hurt and confusion.Though watching her brave her test proved difficult, I remained focus, supporting Patsy from a distance. I knew we had a watcher and protector. God would not let us down in our darkest hour. Her silence frightened me at first; as I thought she had given up in her darkest hour. You see the dark times have a way of bringing out the true character of a person.

I could hear soft words coming from my friend, they were weak at first but gradually her voice began to strengthen… rising with such clarity and great conviction. I then recognized the powerful passage of 1 John 4:4 she quoted. “Greater is He in me than he that is in the world.” This became her mantra. She stood upright denying fear. I watched with great joy- as fear forsook its claim upon her! It was then the Sun burst forth showering its illuminating rays upon the earth once again. It was blindingly beautiful. It just a matter of moments. Yet felt like an eternity. Hurt can make it seem like such. Patsy smiled and I smiled too; realizing once again, that we made it through the night. You see trusting God is always right.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One in a Million: Barack & Michelle Obama

Ok it is no secret that I am a huge fan of Michelle Obama. This post comes on the heels of her speech last night at the democratic convention. I had made plans to watch Michelle’s speech after I watched her interview with Roland Martin on TV1. I enjoyed watching Roland interview with Michelle I found it to be a cozy, informative, and yes, dare I say it again? Inspiring interview. Michelle and Barack have a deep and abiding love for each other. I think now a days it is a rare find to find that unique love that romance novel speaks of. But I digress.

Michelle's Democratic convention speech went a little deeper; quite naturally considering her target audience consisted of the welcome and the unwelcome. My mother and I watched transfixed as Michelle’s brother Craig Robinson (wonder if he is married? If anyone has the answer to this please let me know :) ) introduced his little sister and after embracing each other warmly in support, Michelle then proceeded to the podium. She looked beautiful standing there. My mind briefly began to wander (as it often does) upon how the Obama's have become visionaries not only to African Americans but to every race. They are testimonies that with hard work, perserverance, and God all things are possible.

Michelle smiles and waves at the audience of thousands and is humbled by the crowds extended show appreciation towards her. She begins with the tribute of her father and mother going on to talk about family. Acknowledging wall being knocked down from such as Senator Hilary Clinton, she acknowledge those who fights for change such a Senator Biden. She talks of our soldiers and their families. We are the thread to change, she said and I believed. I do not believe that there were a dry eye in the building.

Michelle was beautifully dressed her cinnamon skin is glowing and her hair is vibrantly alive. She speaks- and everyone is listening and hearing. She reminds me of a poet, as she spoke true words from the heart. I was identifying with Michelle Robinson wife of Barack Obama. Yes, she has her own identity and is a force to be reckoned with. She is real and caring. Her giving up a high power job as an lawyer to go into the field of public service is indicative of the true woman that she is.

The Obama's connecting together in marriage made a powerful impact, not only on them, but also to that of the world. Again, I openly confess that Michelle is the one who has endeared Barack to me. At exodus of her speech, the crowds stood out of respect for her, as her two daughters Sasha and Malia came on to the stage both were just so adorable.
Malia the oldest is going to a dynamo when she get older, it looked almost as if she was leading her mother around on the stage. She was so poised and unafraid as she looked directly into the crowd of thousands. assured there are going to be some who felt Michelle did not do any thing and that she did what a wife should have done and touting on her husband. Hey, we can agree to disagree agreeably. I believe her speech will become a timeless piece. Blessings to the Obama family.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

I never would have made it

I have heard that song by Marvin Sapp on several occasions; yet I never really paid much, attention to the popular song. However due to the continuous air play of the song, I could not escape from hearing it, be it at church, on the gospel station that I faithfully tune into, or from that of my little nieces singing it with such ebullience, that I am compelled to join in with them.

It was as if God intended for me to not only hear the words but to actually listen to them.
One day while driving in my car; the sun was shining brilliantly. The birds were chirping happily. The soft billowy clouds were begging to be touched. Stopping at a red light; that fateful song “I Never Would Have Made It” began to play. I was capture by the soft melodic voice of Marvin Sapp. But it was the words that spoke to my heart. This time I listened with an open heart.

A feeling of wonderment and joy began to course through me! This man was singing my testimony. Leaning forward I began to remember. I remembered several years of being in the Hospital due to sickness and how I would pray to God for strength just to endure the pain. There is not doubt in my mind that, I never would have made it. I too remembered suffering from depression, reflecting on hard it was to just wake up in the morning to get dressed. Mundane tasks were daunting for me. I never would have made it with out God.

There is a verse in the song that says “Made it. Is there anybody in this house other than me that can declare that you made it? Tell your neighbor” There was a point in my life, I could not tell my neighbor or family for that matter that I made it, as the situation dictated to me other wise. But I did make it. With persistent prayer and a high dosage of faith that I too could be healed, I too can declare as the song does...that I made it.

I made it through; the hurtles of sickness, survived the darts of depression, and defied the labels of rejections. I made it and you can too! The bible proclaims: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” Philippians 4:13. The “lyrics goes on to say. I am stronger I am stronger; I am wiser, I am better, Much better. This song is my testimony.
picture courtesy of WAK

Friday, August 1, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Hi everyone,

I can not believe how fast this year is going out! One minute it is January and the next its August. Man, time flies when your having fun :) Time to start making the old Christmas list. Ok...I must confess that I am a last minute shopper. I know...that is not a good thing.

But I like the adrenaline rush I get, as I scurry to my destined shopping places. Any whoo, although, I like my adrenaline rush, I have decided to start my Christmas shopping early this year. Can I do it? hum, I honestly do not know :) But, I am sure going to try. I have been busy working on my next book tentatively titled "Love Found Me" this is Christian Fiction. I am sure your going to enjoy it :) Until then here is a short inspirational I hope you enjoy!

A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man has to seek Him first to find her." ~ Maya Angelou

It was dark and I found myself walking a path that was unfamiliar to me. The unpaved path was rocky and steep causing me to stumble and fall several times. Although, scarred and bruised, I continued my lone walk. I had no choice in the matter, really. Walking the unfamiliar path, I desperately tried to 'see' but visibility was next to none. I had never experienced such darkness as I had that fateful day. It was an strange occurrence for me, as I had suddenly became aware that darkness had a way of enhancing unseen sounds. I could not see... but I could definitely hear. Trust, I did not like what I was hearing.

The sightless sounds was causing me to lose my sense of focus. My heart accelerated due to fear of the unknown. My steps were becoming shaky, and again I stumbled and fell. This time with each stumble and fall, I purposed in my heart to emerge, as the victor God purposed me to be. My destiny called for me to complete my sojourn. No longer resisting, I submissively answered destiny's call. You see, some people have to dig deeper than others and stretch wider than others. Brushing the dust off me, determinedly I sojourned onwards, I offered up a prayer of strength to God.

Oh, how I prayed for the illuminating presence of the Sun. If I had just a sliver of light, I thought everything would be all right. Why was I alone in the dark with just my turbulent thoughts for company? I openly confess that it seemed as though I was going to lose it. I thought I was not going to make it. I thought I was forsaken. Wrong script, it was time for a rewrite. God is all knowing and He knows this woman’s heart. He knows my thoughts and desires and my hurts and my pain. I will hide myself in Him and not from Him.

There on my dark path; God became my hiding place, sheltering me from the storms of hurt and rejections. When the waves of life grew ten feet high, He covered me. When I felt lost and insecure, He would lead me. I burrowed myself so deep within Christ, no one recognized me; many looked for me and saw God first. The move although unexpected was the right thing to do as it caused viewers to become awe inspired. My walk was not an easy one. Yet, had I not walked my path there be no testimony for me to share. I walked through the dark narrow path many has failed. I did not look left or right, although the pull to do so was strong. I clung to Christ tightly. He had my heart, and I lovingly trusted Him to lead me past the noise of sickness, confusion, and doubt. It is again, He had not failed me and He will not fail you!