Friday, August 29, 2008

Greater is He that is in me

What a phenomenon to behold! The story goes as told: It was a day of the unexpected and the unforgettable, as my friend and I were traveling our destined paths, simply enjoying and appreciating life.

We both were attentive to God’s beautiful display of earthly creations. The cardinal the North Carolina state bird was flying freely about. The butterflies were dancing merrily about, too. Gusts of winds softening the Sun’s stifling heat. Patsy and I were laughing and enjoying ourselves. When suddenly the unexpected happened.

The Sun’s bright face was eerily darkened overshadowing the moment of tranquility. The earth was cast into a moment of darkness. My friend was paralyzed by fear. “What happened to the light,” she whispered repeatedly. This time on this darken path I was confident. You see I had been here before. I was confident that God would see me through. My heart is hidden in Christ and I trusted Him to see me through the day and night times.

I wanted to help my friend. She would have to win this battle alone. I stood there watching, praying, and waiting. “What happened to the light? We were so happy one minute. This is not supposed to happen!” Her cry was one of hurt and confusion.Though watching her brave her test proved difficult, I remained focus, supporting Patsy from a distance. I knew we had a watcher and protector. God would not let us down in our darkest hour. Her silence frightened me at first; as I thought she had given up in her darkest hour. You see the dark times have a way of bringing out the true character of a person.

I could hear soft words coming from my friend, they were weak at first but gradually her voice began to strengthen… rising with such clarity and great conviction. I then recognized the powerful passage of 1 John 4:4 she quoted. “Greater is He in me than he that is in the world.” This became her mantra. She stood upright denying fear. I watched with great joy- as fear forsook its claim upon her! It was then the Sun burst forth showering its illuminating rays upon the earth once again. It was blindingly beautiful. It just a matter of moments. Yet felt like an eternity. Hurt can make it seem like such. Patsy smiled and I smiled too; realizing once again, that we made it through the night. You see trusting God is always right.

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