Thursday, September 4, 2008

Look Again.

Hurt and rejections can cause a person to think and see situations differently. This is certainly understandable. It becomes an issue when the rejections and hurt handicap you from believing in your goals and aspiration. It takes a certain kind of faith to rise above hurtful situations. In my book The Certain Ones I state that the certain ones will find the hidden path (when it looks like there are no answers) leading to success and happiness.
It is well know amongst my family that I absolutely love brain teasers and optical illusions images.

Take a look at the picture above. At a glance we see a couple embracing each other. The earth’s elements are at peace with each other. The couple is in a delicate situation as they have a want...or need depending on how you see it. They are longing for a child together. We do not exactly know of the couple’s situation. Maybe she has suffered several miscarriages and is afraid to try again, or maybe due to health reason she can not physically have a baby. Do they give up? No of course not. There will come a time in our lives that we will face difficult times. Do not focus on the bad yet try to see the good. Although this is difficult it is possible to do.

Let us look again at the situation. Look closer. Closer, closer....can you see the baby hidden in the background? There hidden in the branches and the tree’s is what they are longing for. A baby. Could it be that the couple is there because they've just received news that they are going to parents for the first time? Or perhaps they have just received news that the adoption process is final and they can finally take their child home tomorrow. You, see not every dark cloud means that it is going to rain…it just looks like it. You can be happy it is your choice and I do pray that you choose wisely. Life is a wonderful gift from God...enjoy it. Go ahead and look again.

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