Thursday, January 31, 2008

I look Around

I have had the opportunity to meet inspiring women. I also had the opportunity to meet women who just flat out refuse to be inspired. The latter is what causes my heart to hurt. These women have such great potential, yet won't capitalize on it. When given a choice they choose the wrong. The most unique thing is that the wrong seems right to them. Well in their eyes it does. It is like something out of sci fi novel.

I desperately wanted to understand the stand they've taken in their lives. I wanted to dig deep and talk to these ladies and ask them what makes them do what they do? There is no one answer to that question really. In fact some couldn't even answer the question. Which brings me to another of my humm.... moments. And I get them alot you will notice as you frequent my blog. Maybe together you and I can figure somethings out, eh?

Happy readings,


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