Saturday, December 27, 2008

God Knows My Heart!

Posing with Donta and Lorenza the leading male actors of God Knows My Heart. Man, I feel so loved! :)
I must say that all my stage productions are special to me. But this latest stage production will forever hold a special place in my heart. I guess because of the behind the scenes, expected and unexpected happenings that took place. We had some at the eleventh hour issues to arrive, and yet with the grace of God and mountain moving faith, we were able to perform; what I deem as a stellar performance. Truly, I can not express how I am blessed to have such an awesome and powerfully gifted cast. My band leader the one and only Mr. Kevin Pridgen did a phenomenal job with my music and background singers.

The attendance that night was wonderful and the community support was both inspiring and endearing. We had enough food to donate to several families that were in need. When informed that the attendance that night was great. I was grateful and humbled, yet, when I witnessed the amount of food that was donated by people I have never met before, my heart strings was being pulled and the tears began to well up in my eyes. Wow, I thought people do care. It was wonderful and I am inspired to keep on performing and writing.

In a recent interview I was asked how “God Knows My Heart!” came about. It was taken from a chapter of the book of my life experience. I was recently released from the Hospital. I was in so much pain I could not even think clearly. It was a Wednesday night prayer and I was excited. I was going to go to kneel down at the alter and talk to God about all that was on my heart. My mother drove the thirty minutes distance to the church. Exiting the car I walked bent over into the church. I did not make it to the alter, stopping at the front row pew. I knelt down to pray… and was speechless.

I felt so lost and confused by this. I had stored all I was going to say to God once I got to church, and now that I was there my words would not flow. My heart was weighed down with words begging to be released, and yet my words, would not flow. But my tears however had now problem with the flow. I was afraid that they would never stop and I was tired of the crying. I was like this for several minutes.

Then I felt someone sit beside me on the front pew. It was my mother. She began to rub my back and she began to pray over me and for me. She became my mouth piece uttering the stilled words in my heart to God. I began to cry harder, my head bobbing up and down, as my mother voiced the words I wanted desperately to say but could not. God knew what was in heart and He answered and healed me. God Knows My Heart!


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