Friday, November 28, 2008

God Knows My Heart!

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
Habakkuk 2:2

I am gearing up for another stage production titled: “God Knows My Heart! December 20, 2008 is the slated date of performance. I am excited! Rehearsal are coming along... and are about to become rigorous and long, and I am about to morph into the director from hades! Muahhhhh, muahhhh..... kidding. lol
I do however tend to get a little heavy handed as scheduled performance dates approaches. My cast are familiar with this and respect this of me.I am often asked: what the recipe for a successful stage production? I have been writing, producing, and directing stage productions for some year’s now- so I think I have some authority on concerning them. Those who are close to me can attest that I am quite hesitant in calling my productions- plays. That sounds so…unreal and pretentious, and for me there is nothing unreal or pretentious about these divinely inspired dramas.

I write about true experiences that people has either experienced or experiencing i.e. That woman who is in an abusive relationship, wanting to get out but don’t know how to. Or that young man who boldly professes his love, only to be shunned away, because of past hurts. I found that people often seek answers any way that they can. With my dramas my aim is to always deliver a message of inspiration and encouragement to my viewers.

There is a recipe for success for me:

God- God is the leading force behind all my productions. I am under a divine authority and if I do not hear from Him I do not move. I pray for direction concerning publicity, venues, and performance dates. Through trial and error I have learned patience.
I have received a great deal of no’s in regards to sponsorships and attendances. I learned that God’s one yes-always out weighs those compiled no’s.

- Good dialogue is important! No matter how great your cast can act it does not mean anything if they do not have the words to say. The right words can bring a smile to hurting person face; can change a person negative decision to that of a positive one. I know this from the many emails I receive or from the many conversations held after the drama’s performances. The right words make a difference.

- A phenomenal cast is needed to make your written words come alive. I have been blessed to work with a multi dimensional cast. They are actors and actresses, set designers, make up and hair artists, wardrobe designers, and background singers, you name it, they are that. I see great things in stored for many of them. I dare even say maybe-Hollywood?

Faith- You were given a vision to carry out, now run with it. Let no one or anything keep you from bring your vision into fruition. Things will arise that will shake your faith but remain steady in your faith. Do not look at look at the negative but concentrate on the positive and believe me they are there. It may not be much but it is not so that your faith does not fail you. Continue to believe, remember certain ones do not give up they find the hidden door leading to success.
Happy Readings!

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