Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunday Best Gospel Contestant: Elder Goldwire McLendon “It’s All God’s Doing!”

Goldwire McLendon began his musical career at the early age of 9 years, in Jacksonville, FL. and moved to Philadelphia at the age of 17. For over 40years, he has ministered in word and song in the city of Philadelphia. Goldwire (Pop, as he is affectionately called) has been a soloist and a lead singer for “The Savettes Choral Ensemble” since its inception.

He has also been a featured artist with “The Brockington Ensemble” & “Victory Choral Union”. His voice has taken him to prisons, churches, concert halls, television, radio and many organizational functions. For many years, he and his family ministered to “the streets”. Many souls have been won to Christ through his vocal prowess and the ministry of the Living Christ. In 1978, Pop was ordained as an Elder and assigned as pastor to the Saint James Holy Church, located in Tennille, GA. After completing a successful pastoral assignment of sixteen years, Pop and his wife Ruth (of 59 years~ Mom) returned to the “Philly” area to be reunited with his entire singing family (children & grandchildren included), known as the McLendon Family.

Along with family ministry & his individual call as a minister and psalmist, his voice has been heard across the United States and even on foreign soul. In 2009, he was honored as “A Philadelphia Living Legend” along with other Philadelphia musical notables such as; Chubby Checker, Bunny Siglar, Pastor Rosie Wallace Brown, Billy Paul, Dee Dee Sharp and many others.

The Certain Ones: Why did you audition for the hit BET Reality Show Sunday Best?

Elder Goldwire McLendon: Yes, it is awesome how the Lord orchestrated my life in this direction. I am still overwhelmed that there are over a billion people on this Earth, and He picked me out to bless. I didn’t know there was a Sunday Best until my daughter in the Lord, called me. That Thursday, before the end of March in 2010. I said me? 79 years old? I was reluctant to comply with that. She begged me. And that is how I got down there.

The Certain Ones: Did you deal with any insecurity while auditioning?

Elder Goldwire McLendon: I knew that God was with me. He told me to step into your new season. He revealed he had something in stored for me.

The Certain Ones: You stated that a person has to live in order to fulfill God’s request. to answer.

Elder Goldwire McLendon: It’s all God’s doing. He is real just as you are talking to me. In order to get where I am, it takes constant prayers and meditation. God wants reverence and respect. If you’re faithful to God and his word, He will be faithful to you. God is real to me and I am so grateful to Him.

The Certain Ones: How do you feel about modern music and traditional? You are not outdated at all, as your style of music ministers to everyone.

Elder Goldwire McLendon: It is very important to live a life so God can use you.  I’ve seen people standing and clapping their hands; and some sitting singing. There is a difference when a person is anointed by God. The Bible lets us know we can’t straddle the fence.  When it comes to me, I don’t sing to entertain, but to praise God, and in turn it blesses you.

The Certain Ones: What are you feeling in that “moment” when you are ministering to your audience?

Elder Goldwire McLendon:  In that “moment”, I just begin to praise Him. When I finish, I just go into a little small area and begin to magnify the Lord in the worship and praise. And when I do this, I feel satisfied that the Holy Ghost; has touched me and used me for His glory. Many times I keep on… I get back to the Hotel and do the same thing.


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