Wednesday, February 20, 2013

J Moss talks IMMA Do It!

The Certain Ones: J. Moss, please tell us about your album V4…The Other Side. Imma Do It! Is my favorite track, tell us about how that song come to fruition.

J Moss: PJAM always trying to do things!  It’s just us. We like to bang. Keep it street.  There are a lot of albums people put out in my genre and it sounds the same, and PJAM doesn’t like to do that. I think there needs to be more versatility on the radio and in live concerts. We want to give our young people alternatives, so they won’t allow other stuff into their spirit. We give them that rumble or beat that they need and at the same time, giving them a pure message.

The Certain Ones:  Did you do all the vocals on your album?

J. Moss: PJAM and I produce them together… me and Paul Allen. We produce ideas and concepts
together, and “Imma Do It!”,  Is a product of our coming together. We have been doing it together for over twenty years. We wanted to bring one out for the streets.

The Certain Ones: You certainly did put the fire to this album. It is motivational and galvanizing. It also good to listen to when participating in Zumba classes!  Where can we purchase our very own copies?

J Moss:  Thank you very much!  The ringtone to the song “Good Day” is on ITunes and Ringtones. These are good witnessing tunes. It is a perfect opportunity to witness to somebody.  It is about spreading the word, getting people to heaven.


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