Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gospel Recording Artist Pastor Beverly Crawford

Gospel singer, Beverly Crawford is co-Pastor with her Husband, Todd Crawford of Gainesville Family Worship Center in Gainesville, Florida.

The Certain Ones Magazine: Your women’s conference is five year strong, congratulations! How did Calling All Women 911 come to fruition?

Pastor Beverly Crawford: Right now the Lord has blessed us with five years. In January we started our church seven years ago. And the Lord told me to start a Women’s conference. I was like ‘Lord wait a minute you want me to start an annual women’s conference and we are starting a church?  God said “yes, because women all over the country will have an opportunity for this call of fellowship time.”The Lord told me to name the conference Calling All Women 911,  to come together no matter what color you are, where you live, or what car you drive in.  It’s about healing. God wanted me to be the first speaker to open up the conference, He had given me a sermon titled “In the waiting room”.

Here is an analogy. While waiting to be seen at the hospital, it seems like everyone name is being called except your name, you forget there are other people in the waiting room who are hurting also. The question is: what do you do while you are waiting? Stop complaining and start praying. I am excited about what God is doing; in this conference, we have it every year in the month of September.

The Certain Ones Magazine: How did you morph from singing on The Bobby Jones Gospel Show to where you are today?

Pastor Beverly Crawford: My husband Todd Crawford, I was in a group with my sisters, we would perform in surrounding areas.  One day we performed at a small church and someone had filmed it. They gave a copy of the VHS tape to my husband, who then made several copies of it, after sending it out to several radio shows, it was a year later Dr. Bobby Jones (who was the only one)  responded back to us.  He requested that I  along with my sisters and brothers come to Nashville.  We did the Gospel explosion showcase, Dr. Bobby Jone at the time, was looking for a singer for New Life; I went that year and ended up staying for six years. Through that the doors were opened up at Warner Brothers Records.

I then moved to Nashville for almost eight years, when that door closed, the Lord told me to move to Dallas. Once their I connected with Bishop T.D  Jakes, and signed under his Dexterity Record Company, I did two albums with him, — then I signed with JDI Record Company out of California. I then moved from Dallas to Florida to help my father out with the ministry.  I thought my career was over! It was so hard, that was a hard period of transitioning for us. But God provided. And this is where we are today.

The Certain Ones Magazine:  You’ve mentioned earlier about waiting  for the appointed time to be seen. What would you say to someone who is, as you stated “In the waiting room.”

Pastor Beverly Crawford: Don’t give up, while you are in the waiting room, make sure you are in the right place; so when your opportunity comes, you will bloom.  Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like you are in the right place. Your blessings are in the right location, you just got to get there to get it. Keep praying and believing. What I went through, I now have a peace.  The baby is coming, because your water has broken!


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