Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Marcus D. Wiley “aka” Bishop Secular is a G For Jesus


The Certain Ones Magazine:  It is a unique  dichotomy so I have to ask you this burning question. Some may not know that you”re also a college professor at Texas Southern University.  How did you come to be one of the co- hosts on the phenomenal Yolanda Adams Morning Radio Show?
Marcus D. Wiley: Well um, she owed me some money! Just kidding.  I got hooked up with Yolanda actually, as she was being honored at show here in Houston; in which I was hosting. I had no idea at the time the morning show was looking for a comedian for her radio show. They had one, but something happened. So, they were searching, she remembered me. I at the time had no idea she had a show.  I auditioned for three straight days and I eventually got the job.

The Certain Ones Magazine: How did your alter-ego “Bishop Secular” come to life?

Bishop Secular “He’s a G for Jesus”

Marcus D. Wiley: Growing up a preacher’s kid, I never aspired to be a preacher.  My dad, grandfather, and great grandfather, were preachers. To me traditional preachers didn’t look happy. They didn’t have the perks that they have today.  These new Pastors today, — they’ve got it going on! Things have changed, there’s no knock on it.

Bishop Secular came from that, it’s the new look in the church. Secular is not a bad word, it means not sacred. There are sacred people who do a lot of non-sacred things. Pastors are good looking, are looking good, and they are looking like entertainers.

The Certain Ones Magazine: Standup comedy you are good at that and we definitely appreciate your 
clean dialogue.

Marcus D. Wiley: I can do stand up at a church or club, sometimes it is better when I do it at a club. When I come up behind someone who has been cussing, with my clean presentation, I get the response “Man, you don’t cuss?” It has a stronger effect. Some people just grow up in a cussing household; I grew up in one too. I was just blessed to be able to change.

The Certain Ones Magazine: What’s on the horizon for you?

Marcus D. Wiley:  We are looking over television scripts; we think we are ready now.  There is a book hopefully coming soon titled, “Haven’t had a bad day yet.” It is basically writing itself.  This is what we are working on. We just want to be successful, whatever that is.

Marcus D. Wiley alter-ego Bishop Secular!


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