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Communions with Christ Author Sharon Ellis

Communions with Christ

Author Sharon Ellis

Richardson: Sharon, you've just released your freshman novel, Communions with Christ. Please tell readers what is it about?

Sharon Ellis: Thank you Vanessa for believing in my work and inviting me. Hi everyone! I am so happy to be here chatting with all of you reading this! Communions with Christ is my true Testimony and a fascinating accounting of Redemption. I don't call it a novel because by definition a 'novel' is 'fiction'. My story is all true. Miraculously, unbelievably true. From the moment that God allowed his heavenly angel Raphael to appear to me with his harrowing knee dropping message that took me into higher holy places ... from then on I've just been going up to heaven, higher and higher! This angel had the audacity to ask me to put on a monk's robe and become one with his God and begin the journey of being in the habit of being holy! What? It scared the bee jeebies out of me because I knew nothing at all about God! From that point on the miracles just began to flow into my life!

Richardson: What do you want readers to take away from Communions with Christ?

Sharon Ellis: I think I realized that Jesus is REAL. It is apparent to me totally now that Holy Spirit takes us and ingests the Word of God into us, and we can speak with Him personally. However it happens, I'm not sure, but the miraculous is a totally natural way to live, to experience and to understand. I think I realize now that Christ takes us, here on earth, and He brings heaven to earth to us, and His power totally enables us to live within the realm of incredibly harrowing experiences all the time. I mean, the Lord just plows us up and plants in us, and fields grow there, where we can grow up to heaven and be there in upper rooms. I mean, He drops me to me knees daily. I spend my years now in figurative on my knees prayer to Him who is my Creator all the time. You can too! It is the right of the righteous to be In Him Christ at all times, hearing, knowing, and understanding ... heavenly style, naturally.

Richardson: What has the reception been like for you releasing Communions with Christ?

Sharon Ellis: On one level, God has been hiding me away from evil, protecting me and sending His Angels out before me. I thank God for that. On another level, I have seen the incredible Heart of Christ take the time to minister one on one with thousands of people - I've noticed that God is a very personal Holy Creator. I thought I was going to do "ego boosting masses of people." God quickly showed me that "we were going to do one on one", and when ever the time was right, it would just be that one who needed Jesus then.

Richardson: You have a wonderful Group here on Goodreads called PEACE. Tell us about that?

Sharon Ellis: Yes and thank you Vanessa for being the Vessel that really inspired me to start an online group. PEACE is an assembly of Christian women who wish to find PEACE and rest and friendship. Please go to link to join: also have a Q. &A. with Sharon Ellis group that is open to everyone. Here we talk and I sometimes give prophetic words as Holy Spirit tells me them. Sometimes from the other side of the world a man will respond with his prophetic word form the Lord. It is awesome and the Holy Spirit guides us. Please go to this link to join:

Richardson: I was delighted to hear of a wonderful ministry you are a part of: Cowboy ministry. You used the book of Esther from the Bible. Share that story with us.

Sharon Ellis: I was battling cancer and I asked God to please let me ride a horse just one more time before I die! A flyer came to my door advertising a country Cowboy Church - so we went. To my amazement, they had and arena and horses and bulls there. After Sunday church they barrel raced and did bull riding! I was in heaven when the Youth Pastor let me ride his horse named 'Matthew' and God gave me the desire of my heart to ride a horse one more time! I started going to this church, became church secretary and had a camera so I took pictures of all the cowboys and girls who showed up with muddy boots and old clothes and sun weathered faces on Sunday and stood with one muddy boot out the door while the Preacher preached. The owner of this land wanted Cowboy church off his property. There was a feud going on. I heard God say to me "Take the land owner a bouquets of flowers and be like Esther."

I took all the photographs for my bouquet and I met with the Landowner gave him the book of photos for his bouquet gift. I showed him all the faces of the cowboys who had been baptized in the horse trough and the children who had been saved and were holding up their new Bible smiling because they gave their lives to Jesus. The Landowner changed his mind and let Cowboy Church stay. It was an Esther moment, to be there doing Kingdom Work "For Such a Time as This." Interview continued: An "Esther moment" is the time in your life which you were created for, when God places you in some circumstance and asks you to do some thing for Him that you know He asks you to do for Him and for the good of the people in His Kingdom. And how fully it is true that you can either turn the tide of an entire community towards God and salvation, or you can turn away from this place, by your simple choice to obey and "Go before the King, or not."

Richardson: What an powerful experience; your calling is just as powerful. God equips us with power and knowledge and at the same time He doesn't put too much on us than we can bare. What are the next projects you are working on?

Sharon Ellis:
I have a book underway that is again a total Holy Spirit led work. I am not writing the book I wanted to be writing. That one is on hold till next time. I am writing the book God told me to write. This time the Lord has asked me to write the story of my life, the situations and events as I grew up that He put there supernaturally. I came to understand by His Grace that the entire prophetic pathway of my entire maturing process is what He chose to gift my life with - because He was placing a calling of a Mystic and a Prophet on me.

I have been very reluctant to admit this to anyone until my ending years of life because I am a very shy and private person. And even now I write this with great reservation, and not because I want to. But the truth is I think God wants this testimony recorded before I die, for the generations to learn from. So, I am full out tearing my robes of privacy off and bearing the whole supernatural trail of my life, God experience after God experience as I walk into His calling of me to His work. This book will be released after the New Year 2010. (Not ready to tell the title yet). I hope that I do His will justice. I know I have drained my very DNA into this testimony and gut wrenching truth unveiling.

Richardson: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Sharon Ellis: (1) Work. Show up everyday to work, and work at your craft. I heard Thomas Kincade, the painter of Light, say once that he showed up to his art studio every day and stood before his blank canvas ready to paint. He didn't go lolly-gagging in a field of clover. ha ha. I took that advice. I show up to work, and I produce. God is my Boss. (2) Never expect anyone to read your work, it doesn't matter. In the end of life, it's really only about the relationship between you and God. Stop expecting to be the next world wide best seller, stop wanting to get rich. (3) Know that someone will read your work, and God will make sure it is the very person who should. And remember as Vanessa Richardson said to me recently, "Be encouraged. Someone out there needs your story!"

Richardson: Awesome! How can readers reach you?

Sharon Ellis: I am on and you can "friend me" or join one of my groups! My email box is always so full and bumping off my mail, that it really is best to talk to me through because I always get those messages and love to hear from you! When I get a message, I know you are a book reader, and I always read those messages!

Richardson: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. It was a joy and delight. As always please continue to inspire as you aspire. Joy and Peace. :)

Sharon Ellis: I've enjoyed this very much and I really hope that the readers will buy and read Communions with Christ. We are one world and one in Christ. I know God has much Joy in store for us who love Him!

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