Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspirational Author Adrienna Turner

Adrienna Turner writes inspirational non-fiction and fiction books. Under pseudonym names, she writes also science-fiction, fantasy, Young Adult (YA) inspirational drama, suspense thrillers, and new genre created by author called romance draspensedy (drama, suspense, and comedy). Her latest works are "The Day Begins with Christ," "Half of the Battle is to Surrender all I Have," and "From the Depths of my Soul: Collection of Poetry and Songs." Adrienna other titles for upcoming spiritual books: Unleashing the Spirit; Counsel Me Lord to be a Vessel for Christ; Miss the Mark Series (inspirational drama-suspense); and Desire at Will: Giving all the Glory to God through Prayer, Praise, and Worship -- Let it Overflow!

Richardson: Hello Adrienna! Thank you for talking with me. Please share yourself with our readers.

Turner: Thank you for this opportunity to share my books with you and your audience.

Richardson: It is my pleasure. The Write Vision has selected you as their featured author. Day Begins with Christ was a vision you had to write. Give us a synopsis as to what it is about it. And what has your journey been like bring it to life?

Turner: The Day Begins with Christ is an inspirational non-fiction book. It focuses on Christian men and women who want to walk with Jesus Christ. What makes my book more unique than the typical inspirational book is the journey that it takes you on to become one with Christ. It is a 50 day to day journey that helps strengthen the Christian faith.

Additionally, the main purpose of writing my book is to build godly character by taking a journey on their godly path with the true intentions to dedicate their lives to God, while it also encourages them to become a better man or woman.

The journey to bring this book to life had taken roughly a year to write, research, and edit. After first print, I wanted to make changes to the book and paid another editor to assist with the reconstruction process that took 2 months. I am undergoing other revisions for last reprint of the book. I am trying to find the market for this book and following audience.

Richardson: Where ever I go when asked for advice I tell aspiring people, (not just literary hopefuls) to develop a thick skin. I say this to encourage and not discourage aspiring authors. Adrienna, what advice do have for aspiring authors?

Turner: We have to be open to networking with other authors, literary agents/publicists, and readers. As authors, we are not to only focus on becoming the next best-seller, but to have readers who are following and admiring our work. We are also to research the literary market and other resources that can benefit us as authors.

I constantly research the market and speak about it on my blogs or blogtalkradio show. You can find me at and,

More importantly, God created you to write and gives you a story to write, do it! Trust God and He will provide what you need to do it. If He called you to write, do not doubt, trust that He choose you since He sees the Gift in you. He sees the 'end' and you are afraid to 'begin'. It is not always about your degrees and credentials, even though they are resourceful for the haters/criticism, but believe in you and your work...and the rest will come to pass.

Richardson: How do/did you deal with rejections?

Turner: I learn from them. I re-evaluate the rejection and find new ways or resolutions to improve my craft, artistry, and myself as a person. We are branding You and second your gift or talents. As believers, we are representing Christ, there is always room for improvement. Understand that things will not always happen the way you anticipate or expect, but there is a reason for everything and to pick up the pieces and learn from it. How can I make it better? What can I change? What did I learn from it?

Richardson: Do you have any forthcoming projects readers should be made aware of? I know also your a reviewer and you've started your own business.

Turner: Forthcoming projects are listed on my website: I am looking forward to writing a YA version of Day Begins with Christ that God laid on my heart after the previous release. Unleashing the Spirit Volume 1 and 2 will be out the end of 2009 or 2010, accepting pre-orders now! Miss the Mark Series (5-7), inspirational suspense-drama fiction and The Guardian Watch, supernatural fiction. I am also writing under pseudonym names for other fictional writing projects.

Stage play: Are you Ready? as one of the 6 characters in the play.

Business: Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm ( (new and aspiring authors to learn more about the literary market and other services) and working on a future Publishing company: Dream Your Reality Publications. I am also looking at partnering or working for a publishing company that will be coming out soon--Heavenly Publishing and write articles for Heavenly Magazine (

Three divine connections are contemplating on creating a virtual bookstore called Divine (Devine) Connectionz (or Connections). We will see what God has in store for me and those divine connections I met along the way.

Richardson: Adrienna, thank you for taking the time out to chat with me and sharing your goals and aspiration with us here on The Certain Ones Blog. Please continue to inspire as you aspire!

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