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Selena Winston Interviews Me.

The Columbia Christian Living Examiner welcomes this week's

Spiritual Spotlight: Vanessa Richardson

This very accomplished writer is 'on the move' and
a kingdom builder as you will see as you read on.

CCLE: Tell us about you, personally and as an artist.
VR: I am an author and Playwright. My first novel inspirational nonfiction titled: The Certain Ones: You’re not Forsaken. You’re Chosen for Purpose was released in 2009. And has been received wonderfully! I write and perform stage productions annually. I am ecstatic to announce our up and coming production: God Knows My Heart. It is slated to be performed around the Christmas Holiday.

CCLE: What is your motivation/inspiration?
VR: With out a doubt my inspiration comes from above. God. I have condition myself to have meditation and daily devotionals. This is my time with God, where I read my Bible and really listen to his divine directions for me. Through Him I am motivated to help women who dealing with low self-esteem and rejections. I am inspired to live the best life God intended for me to have.

CCLE: What is the best thing about being an artist in your field?
VR: The divine connections! I have met some great literary friends and some faithful readers. Thanks for the emails everyone! With my stage productions I have been blessed to have worked some spectacular actors and actresses.

CCLE: What character in the Bible has influenced you the most? Tell us why?
VR: At present I would have to profess Hannah. I consider Hannah to be a trailblazer--- her path was blazed with a crazy praise. It is our decisions we make in life that determines our outcome. Hannah had a physical handicap something she had no control over. She was provoked sorely for it. There are some things that happens that we have no control over . Know this: It is alright to cry. It is alright to confess to being hurt and confused. Alas, it is not alright to bow down to defeat. It is not alright to give up when you’re feeling the heat. Do a Hannah movement and rise up. Give out, but never give up. Let all the Hannah’s of the world rise up and proclaim their destinies!

CCLE: What is your background and how do you gain from its impact?
VR: I hail from a background of strong women! Everyone needs a foundation that is solid as a rock. Our foundation is faith and family. I am not successful with out my faith and my family. Money and material things are fleeting and can not provide you with the support that you need in this world.

CCLE: "WWJD" is a popular slogan- how does it play a part in YOUR life?
VR: I have heard this slogan many, many times and honestly never considered it. I strive to be Christ minded on a daily basis. There are several requirements to following Him. The key one is to let His will be done. It is hard to kick against the grain…after doing so so many times and coming away scarred. I yielded to Him and still doing so. Obedience is better than sacrifice. When I am in the perfect will of God and not his permissive will, I am closer to Jesus and am happiest in my life.

CCLE: What are your upcoming projects or events!?
VR: I am working on my next novel Christian fiction suspense entitled “Love Found Me”. It should be released later this year. My stage production "God Knows My Heart" slated to be performed around the 2009 Christmas Holiday.

The Certain Ones is made available for purchase on my websites or just visit me and drop a line or two, I love hearing from readers.
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Big Thanks to Vanessa for allowing Columbia Christian Living Examiner into her heart and her life.

Selena Winston
Author of "Butterfly Kisses"

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