Thursday, June 11, 2009

Through The Storm

What a glorious day it was going to be! I'd planned my day a week in advance. Another lesson learned: Life can become unexpectedly busy. Yet in somethings, there are no lesson to be learned. Sometimes, you just KNOW a thing. I know to appreciate the beauty; that life has to offer me. With this thought in mind. I smiled enjoying my day of repose. I inhaled the saltiness of the fresh air. It was 7:00am. The earth looked revived, in its morning glory. I was feeling a sense of completion.

The water looked inviting. Contentedly, I watched the waves bobbing up and down. The seagulls were calling out to each other in loud song. Their calling sound was comforting to hear. Sipping from my bottle of water, another smile escaped me. Then...I thought about yesterday. Another lesson learned: Somethings are just better left behind. My smile was replaced with a frown, as I was 'remembering' last night. I was in a storm-- and I shall never forget it. Ever.

This is how my story goes: I was driving down the highway, when I was soon caught up in an unexpected storm. I confess that there were some signs. The dark clouds looming above gave me warning that it was coming, the wind had begun to pick up speed sending the debri in a tailspin. I like so many others opted to ignore the signs. I didn't want to see or hear about any bad news. The meteorologist predicted it would be a sunny and mild day; and that was what I believed. This happy news prompted my decision to go to the beach! I packed my necessities (somethings are necessary when your life is orchestrated by God) and loaded up in my car. My Bible. Which is like my American Express card. I never leave home with out it. Be it in my heart or in my car. My Water. I often found myself becoming thirsty at the strangest of times. The sun was shinning and I was ready.

The heavens had suddenly opened releasing the rain fast and furiously. The forceful gale of wind was causing my car to shake. And my faith, too. The heavy rain was hitting hard against my window, the sounds was eerie. The silence in my car was deafening. I wish I had someone with me in my storm. I been her before: In a storm. Again, the rain making hard for me to see. My wipers were up to the max, yet seemed no match for fast falling rain. The weather was at odds with my vision. I saw myself luxuriating by the calm water and communing with God. Not struggling through the rain.

All I wanted was to reach my destination. Where the sun was shinning and water was calming. Yet, there I was driving in a storm. I felt all alone. Several times, I wanted to stop and pull over. Something deep inside told me to keep going. I pressed on. It seemed like this storm would never end. The question is/was: how long? became my song. It would had been alright if someone was on the road with me or in the car beside me. But it was just me. Or was it?The road seemed long and barren, not a single car could be seen. I thought am I the only crazy one? Again I thought all I wanted was a day in the sun. My teeth were chattering uncontrollably. I was cold with fear. I hated this feeling. My anxiousness was causing my throat to become dry. I rarefy for my bottled water and began to drink. I couldn't afford to dry up in the storm, I've come to far for that.

I looked down at my bible (and this wasn't happenstance) and was comforted. See, I wasn't alone. I remembered God's words...these are those that I hid in my heart: “...Peace! be still!” Luke 4:9. I quoted this. I believed this. I knew that I would make it through through the storm. I continued on,after awhile, the sun began to shine again. The wind began to calm and the rain ceased its descent. I had a peace within. I had weathered the storm! God's word was my guide. It is funny how after the rain, everything looks and feels new. I was destined to succeed and so are you!

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