Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pastor Rosa Meredith

I have been blessed with several mentors in my life. Their wisdom have often time proved to be invaluable. I have often been told that I have what is an old soul. I never really played with kids my own age. Growing up I surrounded myself with the elders in my life. I was always intrigued by the knowledge that my elders had share. And trust me they did not mind sharing it. For hours would they share the experience life had taught them. I discovered that the desire to help others was strong in them. I guess it had some how transferred into me. I often find myself doing the things they would/are doing. I consider myself to be a servant. I want to be a superb one, too. Growing up I would hear talk of how certain individuals were hurting and needed help. Then the gathering would begin and with this gathering answers would be sought to complex questions of need. How can we 'the community' help them in their times of struggles?

One of my mentor is my mother and pastor. Pastor Rosa Meredith. I watch her as she watched others. I watch her as she helps others. I watch her as she creates and demonstrates. It is weird that with the passage of time I find myself becoming protector of my mother. I want to give her the world and more as she is much deserving. I want to make her proud of me as I am of her.

We endured a seven year challenge together and she was and is still by my side. There is no true angst for a women than to see that of her child suffering. Mother was cool with it. Her smile was a constant. Yes, from my low position (at the time) I continue to watch her. I followed her lead. It was like a spiritual dance.

She was cool. I was cool.

She comforting. I was comforted.

She was encouraging. I was encouraged.

She loved me. I loved her.

I was her seed and she nurtured and provided for me. God was our source and with His divine light I blossomed into the woman that I am today. Today we are in the process of building a new church. This too has been an adventure. But I am watching her and am still encourage by her. And in the end...I have a feeling that everything is going to be alright.


conarnold said...

What a blessing to have a mother like yours to be comforting and encouraging as well as loving! This is a nice tribute to her as we near Mother's Day!

vanessa richardson said...

Hi Connie!

Thank you so much for your warm words. I agree, I thank God for my blessings. And Happy Mothers Day, to you!