Wednesday, April 22, 2009

National Poetry Month Vanessa Richardson :

Hi Everyone!

April is National Poetry Month! I was excited to be one of several poets featured for, National Poetry Month segment. If you have not visited yet, I strongly urge you to do so. I esteemed myself to be in GREAT company of poets, as they are fierce with the written word and awe inspiring. I have included the link to our interview and podcast. That's right you can hear poets recite their written words. Happy Poetry Month!

Tyora Moody is a writer, blogger, web/graphic designer and an all-around encourager. Join her each week as she blogs about "African American Literature That Edifies the Soul." and spotlights fiction and nonfiction authors who incorporate their Christian faith and/or personal experiences into their books. Written Voices Editor & Podcast Host.

In 2006, she officially started writing on a regular basis again after a long dry period. Tyora enjoys reading and writing mystery/suspense novels. In the near future, she hopes to join the ranks of published Christian Fiction authors that she enjoys reading. She is a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and several other online writing groups. Tyora loves to encourage and promote authors. You can visit her online at


Anonymous said...

Hey I'd recognize that smiling face anywhere! Tyona is an e-pal of mine on Goodreads and/or Shelfari, maybe both, can't remember. Anyway, nice article.

Good blog ya got here, Vanessa - followed you here from Free Spirit. Thanks for the visit and comment today. :)

conarnold said...

Congratulations on being featured for National Poetry Month, Vanessa! Thanks for your post.