Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vanessa Richardson intimate conversation with author Linda Leigh Hargrove

About Linda Hargrove


Linda Leigh Hargrove head shot Around 1992 I became involved in an urban ministry called Building Together Ministries (BTM). As a CCDA ministry, BTM has racial reconciliation as one of its tenets. My husband and I became co-leaders of racial reconciliation discussion groups that we called ’supper clubs.’

The clubs were made up of blacks and whites from various denominations throughout the region. Each month we met in homes and church basements to discuss how we, the church, might better address racial problems in our country. We used books like More Than Equals by Spencer Perkins and Chris Rice and Breaking Down Walls by Raleigh Washington and Glen Kehrein.


In 1995 I began a personal Bible study of John. When I started John 17 it was like I was reading a new Word. Jesus’s prayer for oneness struck a cord with me. In my eyes, we Christians weren’t living out that prayer. It saddened me.

I felt God’s leading to do something ‘racially radical’ so that, as John 17:22 states, the world might be drawn to Him. Around that same time, God was leading my husband to become involved in a predominately white church. I gladly followed. Within a year, we became members and started a racial reconciliation prayer group. In time I began speaking at the church’s women’s conference on racial reconciliation.

Please join me this Saturday, June 19th,
2010|6:00pm for an intimate discussion with ministry shaking, prolific author, and Kingdom Builder Linda Leigh Hargrove.

We will be discussing her many faucets as a woman and-- a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Adoption. This is an online Blog Talk Radio interview that can be enjoyed from the comforts of your own homes. Hope to see you or hear you there!

Date/ Time: 6/12/2010 6:00 PM.
Call-in Number: (917) 932-1607.

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