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25 Miles to Touching the Heart of God Author Christel Lim

Christel's first book "25 Miles to Touching the Heart of God" is an easy-to-read book that simplifies profound and eternal concepts for teens and people who are searching for answers. She weaves anecdotes and her own experiences into her truthful chapters, allowing readers to relate to her and understand her message better. If you have always wondered about God and how to get closer to Him, this is the book for you! Raise the level of your relationship with your Creator today

V. Richardson: Hi Christel! Thank you for chatting with me Congratulations! You have just released your latest book, 25 Mile to Touching the Heart of God. What is the synopsis of 25 Miles to Touching the Heart of God?

C. Lim: It’s actually a personal journey I took to search after God. And it’s broken down into 25 Miles. Most people know that there is a ‘God’, but I needed to know who He is, not just the mere fact that He existed. I didn’t want a head knowledge class on ‘God’; I wanted a relationship with Him, something like a friendship. I learned a lot about God, a little more about His character, and there were moments when I felt like I felt His heartbeat. I think when you really seek after God; what you’re actually seeking for, is His heart.

There were many times when, if not most, when I honestly felt that in that moment in time, I felt in sync with God. I felt His heart for people. God definitely taught me when I was on this journey with Him and so, 25 Miles to Touching the Heart of God contains those ‘lessons’ which I like to call, ‘Miles’, that I learnt and it just sank into me. It changed me. Oh, one thing about God, He’s funny.

V. Richardson: What do you want readers to take away from this book?

C. Lim: Travelling these 25 miles really enriched my life, it changed my thinking, and it was enlightening. I just wanted people to know that they could have a relationship with God too! It isn’t as scary as what people might make it out to be. I wanted them to know that God has been waiting outside their door for a long time.

He wants to have a relationship with them. Really, he does. He wants them to know all about Him. He already knows all about you, but you’ll get to know more about yourself as you get closer to God because God is the only one who knows you better than yourself.

V. Richardson: How do/did you deal with rejection (s)?

C. Lim: First of all, I believe, I’m a person of destiny, and destiny as Jill Austin says, is a process. My destiny started the day I was born. Everything that happens in my life comes with a reason. There are things in life, like rejection, which happens to every person, but I believe for me personally, it just means that God closed that door because of a reason.

It could be that God has something better in stored for me or maybe I wasn’t ready for that. I made a decision that I only want to walk in God’s perfect will, not permissive will. And if that isn’t right for me, I tell God, please don’t let that door open. Most people see rejection, as rejection itself. I see it as rejection because as that point in time, that wasn’t in line with what God intended for me. But I have to say, that to be in God’s perfect will, you have to walk right with God in your relationship with Him.

V. Richardson: What have you discovered about yourself on your journey to publication?

C. Lim I discovered that I needed to be able to ‘wait it out’. In a world where everything is done fast, the book business is one of the slowest industries! It takes about a year for one’s book to be ready once you sign the publishing contract. I needed to be able to be steadfast. Personally, I get bored easily. And on this journey, I learnt a bit more on following through.

I was very blessed because once I was done with my manuscript; the first publisher that I approached offered me a contract. So technically, I didn’t experience any rejection with respect to publishing this book. I knew that what I wrote was inspiration from God, so I told God that if it was in line with His perfect will, please Tate Publishing sign me on. Tate Publishing is a Christian Publisher too, that’s why I approached them first. I have to add that I had not been exposed to the book business in any way. I didn’t know anything at all. But you don’t need to when you’ve got God as a friend. He’s by my side all the way. Even if I don’t know how, He does, and that is all I need.

I think, when you only desire God’s perfect will for your life, He’ll lead you to the right door and you don’t experience as much rejection as others do.

V. Richardson: Are there any forthcoming projects readers should be made aware of?

C. Lim:I don’t have any projects that I’m working on at the moment. But I know there will be. I’m eager to receive inspiration from God again. I always am. I love it. God’s wisdom is just awesome! I want to write again. I am hoping to write a novel. I would like to cross into another genre. I like writing my own poetry too.

V. Richardson: How can readers contact you?

C/ Lim: There are so many ways! There is Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Youtube or they could just email me I guess. I also have an address for snail mail, which by the way, I love. I love receiving snail mail. I don’t know why. But I have to say, I’m new at Goodreads and Twitter, so I’m still trying to figure my way around. But I’ll get there. And Youtube for that matter too. Alright, I’m just new at this whole thing.

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V. Richardson: Christel, thank you so very much for sharing your testimony with me. It was delightful connecting with you! As always in closing, continue to inspire as you aspire!

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