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Author and Activist Dr. Lama Milkweed chats with me

As the old saying goes " if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." On my walk of life, I've had the pleasure of connecting with several influential people-- all of whom were willing to take a firm stand in what they believe (d) in. Allow me to introduce to you one of those people. Dr. Lama Milkweed. Enjoy our interview below.
Richardson: Dr. Milkweed, thank you for taking the time out to chat with me. Please, tell readers about yourself.

Dr. Milkweed: I am merely a woman who was really to be considered as "self made." It was very difficult for me to receive the customary norms so many people take furiously for granted, but I consider myself to be a soul of triumph, although what lies in the earthly plain is considerably different. I was recognized twice by the 14Th Dalai Lama, Tienzen Gyatzo, and he proclaimed me as Her Holiness when I was 34 back in 2001. I have been catastrophically ill my whole life, and now I am receiving "palliative" care, as I have approximately six months to live from a mixture of medical afflictions consistent of albinos. To summarize me, well, I am a simple monk, but more so, a woman of our only lord God; a Catholic.

Richardson: You've written several social, spiritual and physical impacting novels. As an author it is most difficult to say, which book is their favorite, so I will not. I would like to know, however which book is most memorable to you and why?

Dr. Milkweed: I love all of my own books, but one book that stands out most particularly is "The Milkweed Prophesy; Epitaph of the Apocalypse." It is completely nonfiction like a few of my others, but this one here is a great characterization of my truest demeanor and rapport with God, and because I depict His glorious word, and how it affected my life, but the way in which the rare forms of narration are spoken, because they reveal something that is far from inert and docile. It has changed the personal and collective lives of many, especially my mother, and myself.

The "Chain Saw Man I, II.III" are also others that, although were fictional, became endowed as something that literally served as the only saving outlet for me being the victim of imprisonment and heinous atrocities I barely survived, like in my initial book publication "Eternal I.V. Pole" also nonfiction, which is a tale revealed in first person about unheard of forms of abuse in the medical world, which became a court case, and where doctors, or an entire Boston medical hospital, did everything it could to take away my frail remaining life with terrorism and gun bearing guards, and where having faith in God during the entire situation, so deplorable in nature, and where faith in action is beyond the perimeters of exemplification, and where this little religious leader of apparently the "wrong faiths" was illegally profiled and made to suffer the cruelties of living hell, which is no stranger to THIS author; this human being.

Courage to stand up against hideous opposition is what all of my books so powerfully substantiate in all of their fullest "glory," but never once making an attempt to occlude the glory of His assistance and holiness, and where a revealing of that mentioned faith comes to a glowing sense of fruition and manifesto where I profess a myriad of person dictum as a woman of the cloth.

Richardson: Just recently you were considered an potential nominee for THE PULITZER PRIZE, in 2008 for your book in the Vatican, THE MILKWEED PROPHESY; EPITAPH OF THE APOCALYPSE. How did your receive the news and what was your reaction upon receiving such an high honor of recognition?

Dr. Milkweed: Well, Vanessa. I was very delighted for this high honor, and it had also won me the "Writers' Digest Award' a year earlier, but I found out through a private source, because you probably well know that this kind of thing is considered as strictly confidential. But to answer you're question, I was thrilled, but more so because of the fact that due to the manner it had to be publicated, [pod, publishing on demand],more people would be able to know about it's prolific presence in correlation to letting others know about the rare testament of this very realistic apparitions and summonings I have received from God since my life began as a handicapped child.

Richardson: Do you hear from your readers much? What are their responses to your written works?

Dr. Milkweed: No, I really do not. I don't understand why. In fact, Vanessa, I allow the publishers to place my personal contact information both on the websites and in the books themselves. The responses I generally get are mainly that the books makes them "think, and think, and think." While from the lips of others,and especially when I was on the radio in my area two years back while on a home PCA, or pain control administration pump with my still evident i.v. morphine placed through in implanted intravenous in the chest, I hear things of praise when regarding my profound wisdom about such things of perplexity that manifest when regarding life's norms, and the manner I manipulate my written words about vital indifference's about life and the human condition, especially illness and religion, life and death, the purely spiritual, and physical or psychological, but also the heinous horror I sustained while being routinely tortured and held in stirring captivity and was allowed to literally starve to death.

(I never once gave up on the love and mercy, and understanding of my Lord, my God.) I honestly wish, especially where I am very soon to pass away at 42, that people took more time to know me, but just as vitally, to read these beautiful books, which truly and very effectively, proclaims our needs, our emotional scope that substantiates not only characteristics of the former, but brings people back to the truest regimens of the self, and especially an understanding for God and His little ones; us His children. To procreate compassion, as my books have been called "manuals for the living soul, and exactly the myriad of reasons that perpetually loiter behind them.

Richardson: Dr. Milkweed thank you for taking the time to chat with me and our readers, it has been an high delight. You are an inspiration.

Dr. Milkweed: Thank you Vanessa. It was a pleasure being interviewed, but I hope to be talking with your further, as I have so much to say when regarding my books and all what they have to offer. As a survivor of years in captivity and torture, as well as an actual denial of "self determination," it is truly inspiring to me, and to my fellow ordained intellects, both in the Catholic and Buddhist churches, that I became a Professor of religion and Sacred Theology at such a young age.

In fact, the Dalai Lama himself said to me that he never met someone who contained such a rare variety of loving and tender outlooks which are placed onto all peoples; even to those whom the world condemns, as I am also known as "voice for the condemned" by past political icons, which were also well depicted in vivid chronological content in my last book title by Jones Harvest Publishing, 'The Electric Chair; Journals of H.H. The Most Ven. Lama Rimpoche, Miss Milkweed L. Augustine." [A first person tale about my 22 year ministry helping condemned inmates, and my experiences losing many friends to the electric chair-a truly malevolent and barbaric device that only substantiates how weak and frail minded, and obtuse humans really are. (children of God) God speed His love to you all, and many blessings. Love and respect to all readers! Her Holiness The Most Venerable Lama Rimpoche, Prof. PhD. D O.F.M. Miss Milkweed L. Augustine author, pacifist leader, religious leader VOICE FOR THE CONDEMNED

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