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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Process To Everything?

One day I woke up! embarking on one of my many journeys, I visualized myself becoming natural. You see upon months of full consideration, I purpose to become natural. At the time I had no idea of what going natural would entail. I just knew I wanted it. Too, it had not occurred to me that going natural would be viewed by others, as a political statement or self expression. But that is another topic altogether. Are you aware that there is a due process to just about everything? From preparing a meal, obtaining an degree, getting married even there is a process.

The process: Preparation, ingredients, and timing. The process of going natural can take months. The genesis of my transition would require me liberating myself from that of the old. I ceased my relaxers treatments cold turkey- not good. In the the process my hair began to shed at a rapid rate. There is a right way to doing things. I next moved on to braids. Hiding my own locks. I was still not pleased with the end results. Adhering to wise council; I determined it was best to start anew. I did. I cut my hair all off. Watching my layers of hair fall to floor, I felt...hummm.

It is difficult to word exactly how I was feeling at the time. I would liken it to an renewing experience. Like my hair I wanted to be natural. You know- do me, keeping it real, by not conforming to the expectations of others. Accepting what the creator had chosen me to be. (Oh! Did I mentioned to you that I've authored a nonfiction inspirational titled: The Certain Ones:You're not Forsaken. You're Chosen for Purpose. Heard it's an very inspirational read.) Months passed and I took notice of my new growth.

I do not want to offend- but for me it was what I hail as my ugly stage. Some women have a relationship with their hair. They know their hair texture and what chemicals it can and can not take. I was the opposite. I didn't know my hair nor how to handle it. I couldn't slick my tresses down with gel as before. I couldn't conveniently put my hair in a pony tale. I had to deal with it. While nurturing my hair I realized I was developing a relationship with it. My process to become natural taught me patience and to fiercely hold on to my determination, looking past the ugly stages and “seeing” my vision (s) manifesting itself. Such was the case with my becoming an author and playwright.

I confess to you-I am successful when I receive emails of thanks, encouragements, and inspirationals. Had I not gone through the process I would not be the woman I am today. PS, Funny with the passage of time things changes. Go, Obama! People, addresses, clothes, and... hair? *Sighing* yeah, hair. I have long since returned to my relaxers. But that process makes for another story.....

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