Monday, March 30, 2009

Forthcoming Projects

Question 1. Are you doing what your chosen to do in life?

If you've answered a sincere yes, then GROOVY! If not, then what are you waiting on? Go for it! You have to believe in yourself, if you don't who will? Listen, charity (love) first starts at home. Within you. How strong is your love? Love is galvanizing. I love to write, I have to write. I love to act, I have to act. If Broadway or Hollywood, never answers my call it is alright. I'll write my own scripts and perform my own productions. Why? Because I love it! Time waits for no man. Indeed!

Question 2. How do you define happiness? I happy when I am doing what I am chosen to do in life and when I am in perfect and not permissive will of God. Money, marriage, and career does not define me.

I am working on my next stage production and my next novel a christian fiction titled: "Love Found Me" will keep you posted on this two forthcoming projects. I love to hear from you please feel free to email me. Until then keep inspiring as you're aspiring toward your destiny and goals.

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