Monday, October 7, 2013

Mrs. Essence 2013 | Author | Founder of iEAT | LaQuisha Hall

                      Mrs. Essence 2013 | Author | Founder of iEAT | LaQuisha Hall 

About the Book 

Are you comparing yourself to others or putting yourself down? If so, you are not alone. As a young lady, you are going through a lot of changes in your body. And, as your body changes, so does your image of yourself. It is not always easy to like every part of your looks, but when you get stuck on the negatives it can really bring down your self-esteem. Written by a woman who was teased for being "skinny" throughout her life, this journal will encourage you to use your creativity to keep your mind positive. Prepare yourself to step into your Queendom! 

 About the Author 
LaQuisha Hall is a woman with a purpose that goes far beyond what is expected of her. She is an award winning community service leader who has served as Mrs. International Beautiful 2012 and now reigning as Mrs. Essence 2013. As an overcomer of low self-esteem due to being naturally thin, a witness of domestic violence, a sexual abuse survivor and an international advocate, LaQuisha actively works to empower women and youth. LaQuisha spends hours locally and abroad mentoring via the Queendom T.E.A. (The Etiquette Academy) program encouraging and teaching teen girls about safety, feminine etiquette and positive self-esteem. LaQuisha is a doctoral candidate who has been educating youth for over a decade. LaQuisha recently launched a journal for young girls, Positively Bodyful. Purchase the Book Online at:  


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Faith ABeliever~ FAB Virtual Tours said...

Thank you for hosting FAB Author LaQuisha Hall. Many blessings ~FAB Tours

Corner Curl Girl said...

Thank you, Ms. Richardson, for sharing my book information! It is an honor and a pleasure. God bless you for all you do!

vanessa richardson said...

FaithABeliever, thank you for the connection, it was a pleasure to share!

Corner Curl Girl, LaQuisha :) Congrats, on your book, and much success to you!