Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Day Begins with Christ author Adrienna Turner


 Adrienna Turner is an award-winning author for female author of the year: The Day Begins with Christ, nonfiction. She is a graduate of a Masters Degree in Library Information Science with honors as magna cum laude and Bachelors Degree in Information Resources from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She writes nonfiction, inspirational poetry, and future release of an apocalyptic thriller series called Miss the Mark. She also penned as Dream Summore, which focuses on writings of inspirational dramas, family sagas, and working on future children stories. Therefore, Dream Summore's debut release is schedule in summer of 2014 under DGP. Moreover, her writing voice is to reach those who have lost their faith, hope, and love. She has also ventured into a virtual ministry called Dream Your Reality Prophecies (D.Y.R.P.) and virtual ministry radio program entitled Dream Your Midnight Hour. Currently, she is teaching Bible Study at Spirit Life Church. 

She welcomes this gladly and with honor, knowing that it is nothing but God. She has received numerous nominations and won awards for being a professional book reviewer and literary talk show host. She has taught teleclasses on Dream Experience Series (DES) and offering was a featured speaker at Revolutionary Christian Literary Conference--RCLC. She has also written articles and shared poems for various online magazines (also Examiner) but now writes for The Certain Ones Magazine. She still reviews for Dream4More Reviews, former reviewer for AAMBC. She hosted several virtual radio programs for literary and ministry purposes.

Synopsis: The Day Begins with Christ is an inspirational nonfiction book. It focuses on Christian men and women who want to learn about what it takes to be a Christian, or follow Jesus Christ. It is a 50-day journey that also strengthens the Christian faith. Each day gives references from the Bible in layman terms on what Jesus meant. The second part is “Let your Day Begin with Christ” which gives a challenging activity to the readers everyday. This book also builds each person’s character, journey on their godly path, and encourages one to see what they can work on to be a better man or woman.



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