Thursday, July 19, 2012

Broken To Be Made Whole

You know my sister once shared with me an illustration, where she took a single sheet of paper,then ripping it into several pieces. Stating that was her: All torn apart. (painful situation can do that to a person) My sister, then proceeded to pull out a new single sheet of paper. I continued to watch her in rapt fascination. Wondering where she was going with this. My mind was too busy conceiving its own answers. Is that not how we often times do? When the situation gets hot, and answers are slow in coming, we want to "help" God out. We want to work it out. When God has already worked it out. My thought? Certainly when something is torn asunder there is no restoration for it. I guess my facial expression conveyed my inner thoughts, she looked at me sharply, and just smiled. I felt the slight censure and was immediately humbled. Submitting my thoughts, I focused on her. "Yes, the paper was torn. That was me then." she stated. I really looked at her, not as my sister, but as woman, sharing her testimony. She held up the another piece of paper. "This is me now. I am completely whole." her voice was stronger this time. My eyes began to swell with tears, as I remembered some of her public angst. My sister was once broken into pieces. Yet there she stood in front of me. A whole woman. She was beautiful. There was a look about her, that was never present before. It was the look of an victorious woman. And at that moment, revelation dawned on me. Our thoughts are not God's thoughts; nor our ways His ways. He is omnipotent! All power belongs to Him. How quickly can we forget this in our storms. The Apostle Paul took his eyes off of Jesus in the storm and began to sink. Don't lose focus. If God chose you for a purpose, rely on Him to lead you through. His will is good and is made perfect. Watch this: testifying how God had made her new. He gave her a new mind, a new heart, a new song, a new praise! You are not invisible. Coming from behind, is your testimony, earned. Your are a light. Believe me when I say, you are relevant in the most tangible way. You must know this... and then believe it. Your time to shine will come. Like the Sun, it knows it time to rise, to illuminate, the WORLD.I believe in you! Let's go get it!

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