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Poetic Elixir For Your Soul! Poet and Author Acholam Birago, DuEwa Frazier, and Muyiwa Babalola

Saturday, February 5th, 2011|6:00pm on The Certain Ones Blog Talk Show: Poetic Elixir For Your Soul!
Poet and Author Acholam Birago:
Truths lie dormant at the core of our character, suppressed by life's daily journey, repressed by fear's false declaration of power. Their dormancy causes our spirit to sleep in the bed of deception with restlessness as a detriment to the heart. Awakened by God through trial and admonition, Acholam Birago travels through the tunnels of the soul unearthing the purpose planted by the Husbandman in the hearts of His people.

Acholam Birago, a name of stability, humility, and victory. A name derived from the lands of Africa, kissed by the Nigerian sun, defined by the tribe of Ibo. A name tagged with a charge to deliver a message to love's vacant territory.

Wisconsin-born, Birago spent the first twelve years of his life in the projects of Milwaukee with his mother and siblings. Chicago became a second home as frequent visits to his grandmother, “Ma” warmed his heart with aged wisdom and meals that could only be cooked by the ol' school. Relocation to his father‟s house gave parental rights to the streets of Los Angeles which instilled its own wisdom into his thirteen year old mind. With the Word as his guide, love as his landscape, and poetry as his vehicle, Birago delivers a message of restoration. His poetry motivates men to move in God, inspires them to proceed in purpose, and empowers them to enrich the lives of others. Inspired by the blossom of character in children, motivated by their struggle under the roofs of conflicted custodians, he strives to restore the love into the hearts of others as God intended. Reaching men and women within their respective roles, Birago pierces the heart, exposing the wounds, so that God may heal.


DuEwa Frazier: Her first two names, mean Black Beauty-The One In Whom the Sun Rises in the African, Swahili language. Although raised in St. Louis, Missouri, her life didn't begin there! Born in Brooklyn, New York on a hot, August morning, to educator/artist/activist parents, in the same year poet and playwright Ntozake Shange launched the acclaimed "For Colored Girls" play- DuEwa seemed destined to take part in the rich tradition of arts and pride from her community and share her creative spirit with others.
Poetry, dramatic performance, dance, playwriting and teaching is a part of the creative world DuEwa lives in. At age 5, this ,'Lady of Words', first stepped on stage, playing activist Rosa Parks in a play called "We Shall Overcome." In grade school DuEwa began keeping journals and writing creatively.

DuEwa took dance training in jazz, modern and African forms as a child and adult. Her most memorable dance performance and training experiences were at: The Katherine Dunham School of Dance, Elegba Folklore Society, Dance St. Louis and as a dancer in high school in Kinesis Dance Company.

Book Description: "Ten Marbles and a Bag to Put Them In: Poems for Children." By DuEwa Frazier.
Ten Marbles is a collection of poems for children. The poems cover themes ranging from love for nature and animals to summertime fun and more! The book features writing and drawing activities, in addition to comprehension questions after selected poems. This collection is perfect for bedtime storytelling, classroom literacy activities, and inspiring children to write creatively.
Other Books: Check the Rhyme and Stardust Tracks on the Road / duewa_frazier@litnoirepublishing.com

Poet Muyiwa Babalola
Muyiwa Babalola was born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria. He was the President of the Debate Club in High School. He won the best speaker honors during the Jaycees organized school debate competition at the University of Ibadan.

In addition. while he studied law at the University of Ife, h
e developed a natural interest in public speaking which was well received. To mention a few, he hosted the Tudmont Show, and was the public relations officer of Primus Inter-pares Club at the Faculty of law.

He was also the editors of Rockshock and Pebbles Magazines, where he developed the passion for writing and publishing. He proceeded to the Nigerian Law School at Victoria Island in Lagos, where he obtained his B.L and was called to the Bar as an attorney licensed to practice at the Supreme Court in Nigeria.

Due to convergence of computers and the practice of law, he shifted his focus to Computer science and qualified as a Microsoft certified systems Engineer (M.C.S.E), Cisco certified Network associate (C.C.N.A), Cisco Certified Design Associate (C.C.D.A) and Video Conferencing Engineer and certified instructor.
While working at I.S.S (International Systems Strategies) as a Network Engineer, he facilitated several networking courses as an instructor for organizations, such as A.T & T, Bell south, and Scientific Atlanta. He also participated in the Work force development program at the Albany State University in Georgia in conjunction with the Department of Labor.
His gifting and love of Poetry was developed and encouraged by his Mother Rachel Olabisi Babalola at an early age. She enrolled him in acting classes, piano and art, which culminated in his abiding love for poetry. He has published several poems and uses a concept called "Poeteducation" to act as a teaching aid for several educational projects.
Muyiwa Babalola served as the Youth minister at a local branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Atlanta for 6 years and contributed to the growth and development of the Children’s Department. He published several poems in the church bulletin and organized several Vacation Bible Schools for the Kids.
He presently works in the hospitality industry as Director of Parking Operations at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. He also conducts service excellence training classes at various sites and locations in the United States. He is blissfully married and blessed with children.

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