Friday, December 12, 2014

Love's Redemption, The Stage Production

Love's Redemption, The Stage Production

Author and Playwright Vanessa Richardson much anticipated stage production is coming for one night only! That's right just one night. For more information about Love's Redemption, The Stage Production log on today at

 Meet Captain Dare. Years ago he shunned the love of young Lyric. Exhausted from his years of serving in the military Dare returns home. He noticed much has changed including his best friends little sister, only thing is Lyric isn't so little anymore. Lyric is all grown up now and Dare is determined to make her his. Unfortunately Lyric wants nothing to do with him! Dare would be in the fight of his life. That is winning the heart of his lady.

Lyric was a woman on a mission to become the next "it girl" in Hollywood. She didn't have time for relationships, certainly not with Dare! She'd never forgotten the embarrassment Dare put her through years ago after she boldly confessed her loved to him. He laughed and nonchalantly brushed her off. Lyric vowed to never allow her heart suffer such hurt as that. Problem was her heart refused to obey her mind-set.

Savion was successful in every sense of the word. A beautiful house and wife. He own several successful businesses.  What he wanted the most was lost and can never have it back. Deep down Savion blames his wife for their loss. The more he tries to bury the hurt the more distant he becomes towards Felicia. Can their marriage survive this tragic loss?

Dorian knew exactly when to strike! He was cunning and deceitful. He had Lyric right where he wanted her to be. Deep into him. Unfortunately Captain Dare's return has put a halt to his carefully laid out plans. A man like him didn't make it to the top without have several backup plans. Dorian unites with someone equally deceiving as he is.  In the end someone will feel the repercussion of their evil plan. 

Felicia was a woman who knew what she wanted. She was never one to sit idle and watch life slip away. She lived in the moment, refusing to wait she's often create. Unfortunately that same determination caused her to lose something that was literally a part of her.  Felicia isn't fooled by Savion's words of reassurances. She knows Savion harbors some resentment toward her in spite of his words of forgiveness. He no longer looks at her the same. Holds her the same. Kiss her the same. Will their love survive this tragedy especially when it could have been prevented?

Monae was true a true friend to Felicia and highly successful. Monae fails to see why Felicia can be friends someone who is cold and condescending as Selena. Her words of warning continues to fall on death ears. Monae is finally prove right when she discovers something so evil by Selena. The question is will Felicia believer her? Will this cause them their friendship?

They are the prayer warriors and they are determined that none should be lost! At first Rev. Ishie isn't sure about why there was a strong urge to visit Savion and Felicia as time progresses it all becomes clear about why she and Sis. Ethel were there. Sis. Ethel was determined to find her a boyfriend for Christmas and she wasn't going to let the problems of those around her to stop her!

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